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  • Connectors
    . +49/711/75 97-0. P.O. Box 10 01 52. Fax. +49/711/75 33 16. D- 70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Germany. – Your Partner for Industrial Electrical. Equipment and Industrial Electronics. Since its foundation in 1940, EUCHNER has. been designing and developing switchgear
  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    Diodes. Electrical Performance. Filter Connector Types. Capacitor Comparison. Filter Connector Technology. MOV vs. Diodes. Diode Selection Guide. Transient Protection. EMI Suppression. EMI Design Concepts. RoHS Compliant Solderless Filter Technology. Soldering Procedures. High Speed. Quadrax
  • Electrical Termination & Mounting Configurations of UltraVolt HVPSs
    As with any precision electronic device, proper mounting and electrical termination is necessary for trouble-free and reliable operation of an UltraVolt high-voltage power supply (HVPS). Improper electrical termination of UltraVolt HVPSs can cause damage to the electrical connectors of the power
  • Connector Specs Help with Multi-Sourcing (.pdf)
    of electrical. interchangeability.”. and mechanical interfaces. This ensures that. connectors can be coupled together. 3. Interchangeability (dimensional, electrical and performance elements) - The third level,. the highest level of compatibility, standardizes all
  • Medical Device Link . Electrical Testing and Environmental Screening of Hybrid Microelectronic Devices
    and aerospace industries. Engineers perform electrical checks to obtain current, voltage, and frequency measurements that validate the electrical connection between the hybrid, socketing, and power supplies. Photos courtesy of (left) MET Laboratories (Baltimore) and (right) ED &D Inc./Educated
  • Developing a New Synthetic Grease to Reduce Instertion Force for Separable Connectors (.pdf)
    Connectors are big business. Connector shipments worldwide exceeded $25 billion in 2001. Sales statistics, however, only begin to suggest a connector's critical role in the marketplace. Connectors impact the operating life, performance, and quality of countless electronic and electrical products
  • So You Want To Know Connectors? (.pdf)
    Inserts & Contacts). 2. Insert (Dielectric Contact Insulator) Pin or Socket. 3. Contact (Wire End Termination) (Electrical Engagement). 4. Coupling Nut. 5. Accessories (Wire Seals, Cable Seals, Wire Support, etc.). PLUG. RECEPTACLE. SHELL. COUPLING NUT. Rear Accessory. INSERT. ENVIRONMENTAL. SEALING GROMMET
  • Affordable Transient Protection - Filter Connectors with Multilayer Planer Varistor Arrays
    . by the average number of grains between the electrodes of the. voltage to a specified maximum that the protected system can. part. withstand. The crystal structure of a Varistor has no directionality. With these properties, Varistors are employed in electrical. therefore Varistors are bi-polar devices
  • Minimize Electrical Interference for Railroad Monitoring Systems
    In order to minimize electrical interference in a communication system between train stations, industrial media converters were used to connect RTUs and PLCs to Ethernet switches by fiber optic cable. Moxa - Sitemap. Global / English. France / Français. Germany / Deutsch. Japan / 日本語. China / 简体中文
  • Understand Connector Selection to Avoid Downtime
    A typical manufacturing plant today will have thousands, or. even many thousands, of electrical connections on both. fixed equipment and moving machines. And it's just a matter of. time before some of those connections fail or wear out, bringing. production machines to a dead stop. One way

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