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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
325 Digi-Key B&K Precision Test and Measurement TRUE RMS AC/DC POWER CLAMP METER
ACD-56 HPQ Digi-Key Amprobe Test and Measurement METER POWER QUALITY CLAMP-ON
POWERPROXT PLC Radwell Trinity Electronics Systems Controls & Indicators, SCR Power Control POWER METER 415VAC 304W 15AMP ELECTRICAL
2901366 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Measuring instrument - EEM-MA600 - 2901366 Energy measurement device to measure electrical parameters in low voltage installations up to 700 V, acquisition of individual harmonic oscillations - can be extended with communication and special functional modules
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  • Uses for Electrical Meters Part 1
    for Electrical Meters Part 1. by Andy on November 30, 2011. There are many types of electrical meters, but their uses are not always clear. It can be especially confusing for people who are just starting to work on electrical projects, who may not know what each meter is for. As always, we are here
  • Wired 11.08: The Super Power Issue8 Super Powers
    Forget Science Fiction. Here's the Science. A miniature version could someday send images not to a tiny display but straight to the user's eyeballs. Already, retinal implants are being used to transform video signals into electrical current that stimulates the optic nerve. "The challenge is to take
  • Panel Meters
    , 3/16 & ¼. Electrical Signal (V, A, Hz). DIN, 6 " edgewise, 4½ & 8¾” square switchboard. or Sensor (TC, RTD, RPM). Typical accuracy: 1-2% of reading DC, 2-3% AC. 2nd Input on W, VA, PF. Simple installation: No setup, no external power required. & Synchro Meters. No RF emissions and low EMI
  • Designing Energy Meters with the PIC16F873A
    . PRINCIPLES OF MEASUREMENT. Author: Sandip Chattopadhyay. Microchip Technology Inc. Basically, a watthour meter is designed to measure. energy or power consumed over time. In simple terms,. INTRODUCTION. electrical power is the product of voltage and current. If. we make repeated measurements of both
  • Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Meters
    meter (Figure 2). Figure 2. Cutaway view of a typical, axially-mounted turbine meter. Either a magnetic or modulated carrier (RF) pickoff can be used to sense the rotation of the turbine rotor and provide an electrical output that is proportional to the flow rate. The RF pickoff extends the low flow
  • PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements
    taken from a shipped OFFSET for I (0.5A, 220V, PF=1) - 2.5 seconds RMSenergy meter that was simply 're-calibrated' using the (Note 1, Note 2) Fluke electrical power standard and the calibration Note 1: Important! The approach to calibration software GUI that comes with the kit. No hardware used
  • Gages and Meters
    on electrical meters or gages. If switches are necessary to initiate system action, they can be readily obtained; pressure and temperature switches are typically gaging elements with a snap-action or solid-state switch included. Fluid level in the reservoir can be monitored inexpensively. The simplest
  • Clamp Meters: Getting the Most-Needed Functions
    clamp meter designed for the industrial setting can help you with essential electrical readings such as current, voltage, and temperature. For most clamp meters, "multi-functionality" means having these three essential functions in one tool: a clamp meter, a multimeter and a thermometer capable

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