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  • Gages and Meters
    on electrical meters or gages. If switches are necessary to initiate system action, they can be readily obtained; pressure and temperature switches are typically gaging elements with a snap-action or solid-state switch included. Fluid level in the reservoir can be monitored inexpensively. The simplest
  • PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements
    taken from a shipped OFFSET for I (0.5A, 220V, PF=1) - 2.5 seconds RMSenergy meter that was simply 're-calibrated' using the (Note 1, Note 2) Fluke electrical power standard and the calibration Note 1: Important! The approach to calibration software GUI that comes with the kit. No hardware used
  • Reading Pulse Output Sensors with dataTaker DT8x Data Loggers
    Users often run into applications that require data logging from sensors that provide a pulse output. Common types of these pulse output sensors include flow meters, speed sensors, electrical power meters and switches for event counting. These applications may require the measurement of a rate
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    on the electric meter at the consumer'sTwo factors that provide a quantitative measure of the location. It performs the actual work such as creatingpower quality in an electrical system are Power Factor heat, light and motion. Working power is expressed in(PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The amount
  • 40Gb Ethernet QSFP+ Transceiver, Interoperable with 10GBASE-SR up to 100 m
    Avago Technologies is the fi rst fi ber optic module vendor to product release a fully compliant 40Gb Ethernet QSFP+. optical transceiver. Leveraging its history in delivering 850nm VCSEL based solutions, Avago QSFP+ modules deliver. excellent high speed optical / electrical performance coupled
  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1
    By William T. Dolan, P.E., Genzyme Corp. Valve control for open/close valves and the discrete input devices used in the general purpose electrical environment could be easily addressed with the simple AS-i bit-bus. There were many opportunities for actuating rising-stem or quarter-turn valves
  • Technical Article: Voltage Drop In a Facility
    It is expected and accepted (in the U.S.) that there will be a voltage drop of 3 to 5% from the point where the electric utility delivers power to the end user (usually at the meter) to the point within a facility where the electricity is finally consumed in an electrical device (the load). Unlike
  • Overheating Electric Motors: One Root Cause of Insulation Failure
    electrical tool belt, the days of the handheld multi-meter and the meg-ohm meter as sole tools in cost effective maintenance is over. Modern on-line technologies permit easy assessment of the whole motor system, which is comprised of the power, motor and load. By focusing on the whole motor
    generation and distribution and other industries makes us supremely confident in bringing to market. " SNAP-DNP I/O connects to virtually any electrical, electronic, or mechanical utility device or system via a broad array of optically isolated and guaranteed for life analog and digital modules
  • High-five to high-side current sensing
    High-side current sensing detects downstream shorts and avoids many sources of electrical noise and EMI. This ACS754 Halleffect current sensor from Allegro Microsystems measures isolated high-side currents up to 200 A using less space than a quarter. An exploded view of an Allegro Microsystems

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