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  • Top tips on squelching electrical noise
    must operate near drives, solenoids, and power lines that generate electrical interference. As these examples illustrate, industrialautomation equipment must often perform reliably under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. One of the factors that make industrial conditions harsh
  • Technologies for Protecting Critical Electrical and Control Systems on Movable Structures
    against surges and transients, and how these technologies can be applied to provide. a holistic approach in protecting critical electrical and control systems on movable structures.
  • Wireless Sensor Connections
    . Slip rings wear and can introduce electrical noise into the system, while connectors offer alignment problems and contact failures. One method circumvents these problems by replacing the physical electrical connection with one that's inductively coupled. A wireless inductive system transfers power
  • Temperature sensors: Thermocouples
    thermocouples determine their qualities and are identified by a letter code. The four most common types are J, K, T, and E. One advantage thermo-couples have over other temperature sensors is that they need no electrical power to operate they generate their own. A thermocouple connected directly
  • Sensors 101: Baumer Electric Basics
    , an oscillator, a Schmitt Trigger and an output amplifier (diagram 1). The oscillator creates a symmetrical oscillating magnetic field, which radiates out from the ferrite core and coil array at the sensing face. When a ferrous material enters the magnetic field, small independent electrical currents
  • Interfacing Pressure Sensors to Microchip's Analog Peripherals
    Pressure measurement devices can be classified into two groups: those where pressure is the only source of power and those that require electrical excitation. The mechanical style devices that are only excited by pressure, such as bellows, diaphragms, bourdons, tubes or manometers, are usually
  • Reading Pulse Output Sensors with dataTaker DT8x Data Loggers
    Users often run into applications that require data logging from sensors that provide a pulse output. Common types of these pulse output sensors include flow meters, speed sensors, electrical power meters and switches for event counting. These applications may require the measurement of a rate
  • First SOIC8-Packaged Hall-Effect Current Sensor With Integrated Current Path Introduced
    . Because there is no electrical connection between the current path and sensing circuit, it provides a minimum of 800 volts of isolation without the use of additional components. Only 1.7 mm high, the ACS704 provides a monolithic solution that is much smaller than other integrated current path

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