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  • Electrical Troubleshooting
    /RCM/PMO. People & Skills. Planning and Scheduling. Terminology. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Technical Articles. Bearings/Vibration Analysis. Compressors. Concrete. Electrical. Failure Analysis. Hydraulics. Miscellaneous Technical. Non Destructive Testing (NDT). Painting and Roofing. Power
  • Electrical Noise in Motion Control Circuits
    Electrical noise appears in an electrical circuit through one of four routes: a. Impedance (Ground Loop) Coupling b. Capacitive (Electrostatic) Coupling c. Inductive (Magnetic) Coupling d. Electromagnetic (Radio Frequency) Coupling. Microsoft Word - appnote_noise.doc. Application Note # 5438
  • Marking of electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
    Marking of electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 286323_elektr_Ex-Schutz_D_E.pmd Marking of electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Conditions and subdivisions. Subdivisions of gases and vapours. Official notified bodies. Conditions
  • Electronics and Electrical Applications
    extremely fine surface quality, this ceramic material is designed especially to meet the highest demands in thin-film technology. Rubalit® 708 HP – High Performance with 96% Al2O3. Rubalit® 708 HP offers consistently reliable and convincing performance even when subject to high thermal and electrical
  • Top tips on squelching electrical noise
    must operate near drives, solenoids, and power lines that generate electrical interference. As these examples illustrate, industrialautomation equipment must often perform reliably under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. One of the factors that make industrial conditions harsh
  • Position Sensor Technology Comparison
    of power and. mented cylinders are becoming more important. cations. The sensor, often called an “LDT” or. are not the most mechanically rugged sensors. in the heavy industry, subsea, and mobile equip-. “MLDT,” incorporates a stainless steel tubular. They offer electrical performance over mechani
  • MicroFlow Sensor Overview
    price-performance ratio. RTD On Membrane. Mikroflowsens- Technology. Microflow sensor – Data MFS02. Measuring principle. Thermal. Measuring range. 0.001 ... 2 m/s (25m/s). Response time. < 10 ms. Temperature range chip. -40…+150°C. Temperature range gas. -40 ... +60 °C. Electrical connection. Bonding
  • Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors (.pdf)
    on the logarithmic curve. lly a metal oxide film,. such as tungsten oxide or tin oxide. An additional problem is the inherent instability of. Normally, the semiconductor layer has a low. the semiconductor layer, which results in a changing. electrical conductivity, but in the presence of H. baseline