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  • Priority Table Rationale for Electrical Substations
    It would seem that every thermographer has their tried and true approach to determining the severity of a heating component. In the electrical utility industry, the decision to remove a heating component for repair is not a trivial one. Generation may be bottlenecked, customer's supply put at risk
  • Troubleshooting Infrequent Alarms in a Substation
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided a dataTaker DT80 datalogger for a manufacturer experiencing 'Under Frequency' alarms at their electrical substation which were slowing production. Maintenance staff wanted to log their power levels, but the infrequent nature of these faults meant that they would
  • Switchyards and Substations
    center where: electrical power is supplied to the plant from the outside, and. electrical power is sent from the plant. Often there are at least 2 main Buses. Very high voltages (typically 220,000 or 345,000 volts) are present. Gas and oil circuit breakers are used. The gas (e.g. sulfur hexaflouride
  • The Ethernet Checklist for Power Substations
    disruption to critical substation operations. A basic ring can be established for intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) that control electrical equipment such as protection relays, meters, and circuit breakers. For this architecture, each Ethernet switch would be connected in a ring topology and would run
  • Embedded Computers in Substation Automation (.pdf)
    . Center (TWC). Please send your comments or suggestions. about this or other Moxa documents to Moxa White Paper. Ethernet support for back-end servers, security workstations,. as well as prevention mechanisms to protect against misused. circuit breakers and electrical isolation
  • Smart and Synchronized Substation Automation with IEEE 1588v2 Embedded Computers
    " is for the electrical infrastructure to be, well, smarter. For power substations, this means that computers will need to be at the front-end, connected to remote devices such as switch gears, sensors, power generators, and circuit breakers through intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). Other priority
  • Minimize Electrical Interference for Railroad Monitoring Systems
    In order to minimize electrical interference in a communication system between train stations, industrial media converters were used to connect RTUs and PLCs to Ethernet switches by fiber optic cable. Moxa - Sitemap. Global / English. France / Français. Germany / Deutsch. Japan / 日本語. China / 简体中文
  • Using IEEE 1588 v2 to Achieve the Synchronization of Sampled Values on the Substation Process Bus
    , Jiangsu uses one of the largest electricity grids in China. 220 kV transmission plants cover all the urban and rural areas across the province. Key selection criteria in Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Co.'s procurement process for electrical networking devices are advanced technology, high

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