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  • Electrical Troubleshooting
    , and are functioning correctly. If and when a problem is found, whether electrical or mechanical, the problem should be corrected and the fault-finding begun anew, a seemingly unrelated fault or defect could be the cause of the problem. When there is more than one fault, the troubleshooting
  • Comparing Digital Potentiometers to Mechanical Potentiometers
    Digital Potentiometer Circuits to Reduce Absolute. and Temperature Variations”. Mean Time to Failure Life. Temperature Coefficient. One type of failure that is quantified with mechanical. potentiometers is the mean time to failure life of the. Mechanical potentiometers and digital potentiometers. wiper
  • Applying Precision Switches
    of a receiving antenna. Precision switches are designed to have, and maintain, uniform mechanical and electrical characteristics while controlling a wide variety of circuits in many different environments. Because of their versatility and small size, precision switches are used in an endless variety
  • Basic Switches Are Not Created Equal
    in the marketplace. While there are hundreds of styles and designs, focusing on the basic precision industrial switch will illustrate how the mechanical characteristics of switches can differ dramatically. Also, engineering expertise, material selection and the supplier's infrastructure can play a major role
  • Why Use Mechanical Torque Limiters in a Servo Drive System?
    field of mechatronics, a mechanical torque limiter allows for an integration of mechanical and electrical design. An electronic proximity switch can be positioned near an actuation mechanism which moves in the event of an overload. This system works well because the overload is detected
  • The Potential of Switched Reluctance Motor Technology for Electro-Mechanical Brake Applications (.pdf)
    , and an independent winding for each phase. the motor rotation into linear force and travel suitable for. The stator and rotor of the SR machine are both made of. operation as a brake (Figs. 1 and 2). In this system,. stacked steel laminations, while the electrical windings. mechanical motor power
  • Application: Electric Toothbrush On/Off Switch (.pdf)
    . The mechanical slide. switches are subject to very harsh environments having to deal with chemically. active toothpastes, acidic saliva, and running water at various temperatures and. acidity/alkalinity levels. This environment attacks the electrical contacts in the. slide switch and in many cases, after
  • Safety Switches: NM Design, Type 2
    and upon removal (opening) of the guard device. also supply the series NM safety switches with M12 connectors. to reliably interrupt the electrical circuit and create a safe operating. Due to the plug-in type connection, any wiring defects on the switch. status. are excluded and fast installation is made

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