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Parts by Number for Electrically Conductive Epoxy Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
40-3905   Epoxies Etc... Epoxy Adhesives 40-3905 is an electrically conductive system designed for applications requiring low temperature cures. 40-3905 will cure at room temperature in 18 hours or can be accelerated with mild heat.
EJ2189-LV   Epoxy Technology EMI and RFI Shielding Low viscosity, two-component, room temperature curing conductive epoxy.
H20E-FC   Epoxy Technology Industrial Adhesives Product Description: EPO - TEK ® H20E - FC is a two-component, electrically conductive, snap curing epoxy for photovoltaic thin film module stringing, semiconductor packaging and PCB circuit assembly. EPO-TEK ® H20E-FC Advantages & Application Notes: It is a snap cure version of EPO-TEK...
S10HTN   Master Bond, Inc. EMI and RFI Shielding electrically conductive bonds that are resistant to many chemicals including water, oil, fuels and most organic solvents even upon prolonged exposures. The electrical conductivity is fully retained even upon severe thermal cycling. Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics...
S10HTS   Master Bond, Inc. Static Control Products Master Bond Polymer System Supreme 10HT/S represents a breakthrough in conductive epoxy technology, featuring a combination of high performance properties including both high shear and high peel strengths, low resistance, and exceptionally easy processing. This one component (no mix) high purity...
ACE-24511   Protavic America, Inc. Industrial Adhesives PVIC ACE24511 electrically conductive die attach adhesive is specially designed for tantalum condenser application. This single component, fast cure adhesive also can be snap cured in hot plate or in-line snap cure system and its excellent electrical conductivity and flexibility are considered...
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    the adhesive to be both electrically conductive and thermally conductive. For potting applications, heat sinking, and general encapsulation where high electrical isolation is required, aluminum oxide has been the filler of choice. Today, advanced Boron Nitride filled epoxies challenge alternative
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    By eliminating the need to add separate conductive elements to a product, electrically conductive adhesives can simplify both design and manufacturing, notes George Cramer. He is vice president of marketing and commercial development for Adhesives Research Inc. (Glen Rock, PA). In the medical
  • Medical Device Link . SPOTLIGHT ON ADHESIVES
    circuits, flat cables, and wave guides, as well as RF and EMI shielding. Tra-Duct 2902 is a two-part paste formulation made of refined pure silver and epoxy resin components free of any copper or carbon additives. The adhesives develop strong electrically conductive coatings and bonds between dissimilar
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    and durability, combined with low out-gassing. The rapid growth of networking and wireless communications is another area where adhesives perform multiple functions. Ambient electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be high in medical environments and electrically conductive adhesives, including transfer
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    conductive formulation suited for use in hybrid microelectronic components. The company also offers a fast-curing UV adhesive and a clear epoxy with a long pot life that cures at room temperatures. Epoxy Technology has supplied specialty polymers and epoxies to high-tech industries since 1966. G &L
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    epoxy adhesive is a nonsagging paste that creates conductive paths on circuit boards and prepares electrodes for capacitance and loss measurements; the electrically and thermally conductive Tru-Bond 215 copper-filled epoxy adhesive is suited for preparing and repairing conductive paths on circuit
  • Why Motors Fail Part 1.
    are electrically conductive. Heavy accumulation of contaminants typically obstructs cooling passages. Improper Lubrication will cause premature bearing damage. If careful control is not practiced, grease can introduce contaminants into bearings. Mixing greases with different bases may also cause
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    medical affairs, toxicology and product support for Becton Dickinson and Co. (Research Triangle Park, NC), discusses how to find a biocompatible adhesive. I am currently searching for a documented Class IV biocompatible, electrically conductive adhesive. Is there a source for known biocompatible