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  • Selecting the Right Display for White Goods Applications
    human-machine interface. The classic rotary electro-mechanical dial does not provide enough information, and is not a practical way for users to choose among the numerous set-up options on today's high-end appliances. A more comprehensive interface is needed, and a variety of display technologies
  • Medical Device Link .
    ) inverters that provide efficient and reliable alternatives for powering up to four cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFTs) in large, backlit LCDs where conventional inverters would not fit. Also featured was the Model MC inverter platform, which has been developed for display engineers who need to provide
  • Medical Device Link .
    into production systems, offers Ethernet communication capabilities, and enhances user-friendliness through its graphical display of the test filling curve. Samsomatic Ltd., 45759 Helm St., Plymouth, MI 48170. Ultraviolet light A powerful UV flood lamp can be used to identify fluorescent penetrant
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    is powered via pushbutton switch. When powered, an internal 3V battery-based power supply generates the 16 to 18kV required to accelerate the electron image into the output phosphor screen. The fluorescent green light output (550nm) is observed via an adjustable eyepiece lens. Laser alignment & safety
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    changeover is rapid because the support is mounted on a separate frame. For added convenience, two spools can be mounted on a single machine. Cutting length and fitting depth can be adjusted to an accuracy of +-0.2 in. Adhesives Fluorescent indicator eases in-line quality control A light-curing
  • Medical Device Link .
    (POC) test platforms with high sensitivity, specificity, and rapid turnaround time. Responding to such demands, handheld POC systems and field-based tests using fluorescence readout have been developed. For example, one core technology consists of battery-operated electro-optical units
  • Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics
    . interference, including that caused by sunlight and. fluorescent lights. time. •. Integrated ambient light sensors will optimize LED back-. light power consumption. •. Photopic ambient light sensor light response will enable the proximity sensor to operate consistently in. different lighting environments
  • Presence Sensing: The Basics
    . Computer Numeric Control. Embedded Control. IO Systems. Machine Safety. Motion Control. Drives and Motors. Servos & Steppers. Motion Software. Hydraulics. Pneumatics. Electro-Mechanical. Operator Interface. Display Terminals. Industrial PCs. HMI Software. Alarm & Annunciation. Sensing & Measurement