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...stress and motion, typically cyclic stress (i.e., fatigue) and wear- or fretting-type motion. When stresses and motion are sufficiently large, localized abrasion of the surface oxide film can occur, changing the local electrochemical environment and dramatically increasing the rate of corrosion...

...hybridization. This process brings the 5'-end of the signal probe containing electrochemically active ferrocene labels into close proximity to the electrode surface. The ferrous ion in each ferrocene group undergoes cyclic oxidation and reduction, leading to loss or gain of an electron, which...

...of the three hydrogen bonds in a Watson-Crick base pair, other guanine derivatives such as 7-deazaguanine may also be viable and attractive alternatives.9. Electrochemical Interrogation. For development purposes, cyclic voltammetry is the electrochemical method of choice for the nucleic acid...

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