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  • The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    on magnetic field strength, air gap, and inertia. * Burnishing increases initial clutch or brake torque, and overexcitation cuts response time. Getting a grip on clutch and brake selection , " MACHINE DESIGN, Sept. 9, 1999 People use electromagnetic (EM) clutches and brakes every day and often don't
  • How to Choose an Electromagnetic Clutch or Brake
    Tell a junior engineer to pick an electromagnetic friction clutch for a new application and all you may get is a look of confusion. But choosing the right clutch is easier than most people think. And the same simple steps that apply to picking a clutch can just as easily
  • Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Doctors Increase Efficiency
    In the May issue of the Design News Medical Trend Watch, an article by Ogura showed how eye doctors were using a spring-applied clutch to achieve a finer control of a vision testing table. The article explained how the MCSC spring-applied clutch allowed doctors to adjust the equipment
  • Ogura Electromagnetic Clutch Helps Hollands Newest Powerplant: A centuries old windmill
    In case you missed it, the August 23rd issue of Machine Design showed the attached article from our application in Europe retrofitting the old Dutch windmills with generators. The article shows how new technology can be added to old technology without detracting from the historic design.
  • Clutch/brake chops blade power
    Electromagnetic clutch/brakes from Ogura Industrial Corp., Somerset, N.J., start and stop cutting blades in GPS-guided lawn mowers. A user programs a McMurtry robotic mower. The mower blade-drive mechanism uses an electromagnetic clutch/brake to start and stop the blades. Somerset, N.J., start
  • Clutches
    would result in too much wear and maintenance. Clutches rely on mechanical or electromagnetic action for torque transmission. However, they are usually identified by their mode of actuation: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Although the four operating modes are considered highly
  • Ogura Electromagnetic Particle Clutch Helps Build a Solid Foundation
    In the October issue of Design News, there was an article featuring Oguras OPC-80 magnetic particle clutch for a system that helps detect bedrock for anchoring oil platforms.
  • Getting A Grip On Clutch And Brake Selection
    most people think. And the same simple steps that apply to picking a clutch can just as easily be applied to brake selection. Once designers learn these steps, they can save time and money up front and end up with the right component for the job. Electromagnetic friction clutches (EMFC) are used

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