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  • Hydraulic Brakes-Image
    Hydraulic Brakes - (146 companies)
    ...of hydraulic brakes: drum, disc, band, and cone. Drum brakes create friction by pressing the brake shoes against a spinning surface. They are mostly applied to the rear wheels to avoid significant heat buildup. They often have less drag than disc brakes...
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  • Electric Brakes-Image
    Electric Brakes - (219 companies)
    Electric brakes are assemblies consisting of electrical elements for the slowing or stopping of shafts in equipment drives. Electrical power is required to activate the brake. How to Select Electric Brakes. Spring Applied Brakes. Image Credit...
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  • Mechanical Brakes-Image
    Mechanical Brakes - (182 companies)
    ...releases. Wrap-spring brakes provide precise stopping ( +- 0.5 ) in industrial machinery, but fully-mechanical wrap-spring clutches and drives are limited to smaller sizes; larger sizes are electromagnetic. Types. The following brakes are types...
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  • Dynamometers-Image
    Dynamometers - (92 companies)
    ...torque and power. Eddy current dynamometers provide restraining torque that increases with shaft speed. In a hydraulic or water brake dynamometer, braking drag is applied to the dynamometer rotor vanes via water circulating between the rotor...
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  • Electromagnets-Image
    Electromagnets - (127 companies) dependent on a variety of factors, such as the number of coils in the electrical wire that generates the power, the applied current, and the core material 's magnetic permeability. Categories of electromagnets include: Flat-faced. Parallel pole...
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    Compression Springs - (386 companies)
    Compression springs are the most recognizable of spring and are intended to oppose compaction in the direction of the axis. The spring is extended at rest, shorten and store energy when a load is applied, and is one most efficient energy storage...
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    Linear Brakes - (15 companies)
    ...which the friction linings of the module act upon. The force with which the friction linings press against the band to generate the frictional connection between band and brake module is spring applied and released. In linear brakes, the braking...
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    Electric Brake and Clutch Assemblies - (105 companies)
    ...for electric brake and clutch assemblies include torque rating, power, rotational speed, and operating voltage. Spring-return clutches require power to engage. Spring-actuated clutches require power to disengage. A variety of engagement methods are available...
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    Pneumatic Brakes - (124 companies)
    ...speed. Diameter, the cross-sectional width of the assembly. Length, the dimension along the axis of rotation. Weight. Engagement Methods. Spring-return brakes require power to engage. Spring-actuated brakes require power to disengage. Non-contact...
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    Mechanical Brake and Clutch Assemblies - (47 companies)
    Clutch specifications for mechanical brake and clutch assemblies include torque rating, power, and rotational speed. Spring-return clutches require power to engage. Spring-actuated clutches require power to disengage. Non-contact clutches use methods...
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  • Handbook of Ceramic Composites
    Electromagnetic spring applied brakes are commonly used for braking or holding loads, which are closed in the de-energized condition.
  • Development of a human symbiotic assist arm PAS-Arm
    An electromagnetic spring applied brake is also mounted on each joint to hold the arm joint to provide for power-off.
  • Power Pallet Truck WP-LPT15(AC) from SHANGHAI CHEUKLIFT INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Guangzhou Subsidiary, China
    Drive unit is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that is spring applied and electrically release.
  • Prince of rails [engineering heritage]
    To keep them running at all, Yarra Trams has had to fit spring - applied braking systems, electro- magnetic track brakes, panto- graphs, driver vigilance systems and even sliding doors for passengers.
  • Safe electrical design of mine elevator control systems
    The elevator brake is typically released by a large electro- magnetic solenoid and applied by coil- spring tension.
  • Ogura Clutch
    Ogura Clutch has four production facilities in Japan: • Head Office Plant 1, 2 & 3 (Gunma Prefecture) – manufactures electromagnetic , mechanical, specialty, hydraulic and spring applied clutches, as well as brakes and components for industrial use.
  • Linear Motion Q&A;: Customized Machinery Built with off-the-shelf Components
    This depends entirely on the appli- cation and market, but in general, elec- tromagnetic friction and wrap spring clutches and brakes are the two most common.
  • BSI
    … low-energy ventilation for use at very high speeds; disc brake rigging including brake pads and actuators for pneumatic, electrohydraulic or spring force application , spare parts and incomplete components; BSI or SAB brakes ; brake indicator devices; BSI electromagnetic brakes and their supporting …
  • Dynamics of Machinery
    … the mass parameters or implement- ing auxiliary mechanisms, • Generate electromagnetic , hydraulic, or pneumatic compensatory forces, • Provide compensatory springs and optimize spring parameters … … as closely to the application point as possible, • … … • Adapt motor and braking torque to the required …