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  • Advantages of Semiconductor Laser Diodes Versus Helium Neon Gas Lasers
    Although HeNe gas lasers offer exceptional reliability and optical quality, users are quickly replacing them in their OEM applications with semiconductor laser diode technology. Laser diode modules offer many physical and electronic advantages over HeNe lasers. HeNe gas lasers provide superior
  • Using a nondestructive test to qualify corrosive specialty gas cylinders
    Alan Zdunek, Tracey Jacksier, John Borzio, and Denis Rufin, A reliable supply of ultrapure electronic specialty gases is critical to maintaining the high tool uptimes necessary to maximize productivity and manufacturing yield in semiconductor fabs. The delivery of such gases poses special
  • MICRO: Technical Programs
    A Partnership for PFC Emissions Reductions Cosponsored by SEMI, SIA, International Sematech, and SESHA Chairs: Laura Mendicino, Motorola; Mike Mocella, DuPont Electronic Gases PFC Emissions Reduction from Semiconductor PE-CVD Process using an Alternative Chamber Cleaning Gas COF National Institute
  • MICRO: Technical Programs (June 2000)
    Systems for Bulk Specialty Gases Belgin Yucelen, Joseph Vininski, and Robert Torres, Matheson Tri-Gas Program Chair: Mazhar Hussain, Texas Instruments Copper Integration Issues in Manufacturing The Role of Copper Interconnect in the Semiconductor Roadmap Requirements: A Critical Evaluation Copper
  • MICRO:Archive:June 1997:Semicon Technical Programs
    , Intel A Comparative Study of Corrosion-Resistant Alloys for Use in Distribution Systems Howard Mastropiero, Evan Hinshaw, and Juan Alvarez, MKS Instruments All Vapor Phase Delivery of Electronic Specialty Gases Hwa-Chi Wang, Richard Udischas, and Benjamin Jurcik, Air Liquide Analysis of Cost vs
  • MICRO:Industry News: Expansions & Acquisitions (June '99)
    In response to customer demands for one-stop ultrapure materials shopping, four of the biggest suppliers of high-purity gases and chemicals and related systems and services to the semiconductor industry have joined forces in two separate global alliances. Air Liquide Electronics and Arch Chemicals
  • MICRO: Industry News: Lead Story (Feb 2000)
    The supply chain will soon get a little shorter and a lot less costly. Several veterans of the suppliers' side of the semiconductor industry are set to launch on-line ventures which they believe will start a revolution in the $60 billion electronic materials industry. Geoff Wild, former president
  • Analysis of Barrier Metal Layers of SI-Devices (HD-2000 5)
    The HD-2000 has been used for some time in the evaluation and failure analysis of electronic materials and devices. It has various imaging modes which are not available with conventional analytical TEMs. It allows accommodation of various electron detectors such as bright field STEM detector which

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