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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FLUKE-411D Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement LASER DISTANCE METER 30M/100FT
FLUKE-421D Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement LASER DISTANCE METER 100M/330FT
FLUKE-416D Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement LASER DISTANCE METER 60M/200FT

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  • Electronic Products Laser Sensors Article
    Quantifying exact performance specifications for sensors used in factory automation by OEMs and users is a difficult task that crosses the bounds from science to art. Sensor performance specifications like sensing distance and target size, which are associated with inductive proximity sensors
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    Coating thickness measurement is a concern for both finishers and for companies receiving finished components. Defective coatings lead to rust. As a result, product liability requires quality control of coatings, and in many cases documentation of measurements in an electronic format. Conflicts can
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    , a reference capacitor and a signal-processing chip mounted on a 65-mm flexible printed circuit board (PCB). Micromechanical sensors based on a capacitive measurement principle are well suited for use in electronic implants, because there is no electrical current flowing through the sensor itself
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    (a change in dimension of a ferromagnetic material due to a magnetic field) is the basis for position measurement. An electronic pulse travels along a waveguide from a reference head to a magnet. The time for a return pulse produced by twisting the element at the external magnet is measured and converted
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    increments can be as fine as the electronic interface will support. A typical magnetostrictive linear position transducer is shown in figure 1. It comprises an electronics head, a sensing rod, and a position magnet. The sensing rod is normally stationary, and the position magnet is attached
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    for telecommunications hardware and in automotive applications. Manufacturers of electronic devices ideally want an electrostatic-free environment for components. Certain plastics can prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is the transfer of charge between bodies at different electrical potentials
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    the rollers of the machine. Today's machines run using "electronic line shafts", servo motors with drives that allow for each station to be adjusted individually for speed and corrections. Electronic line shafting has made re-registration possible. Web to Die Registration (Re-registration) is the most