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  • CNC Handbook > Glossary
    It consists of a handwheel connected to an electronic pulse generator and can be used by the operator to adjust each axis manually in the operating mode "SET-UP." .
  • Pendant Stations: HBE and HBL
    The electronic handwheel HKD from EUCHNER is a univer- sal pulse generator for manual positioning of axes.
    Low temperature and electronic gear. (A) sound gear, (B) helium liquefier, (0) radar range scope, (D) pulse generator , (E) oscillator-amplifier, (I) handwheel , (J) electrical attenuator, (K) receiver.
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  • Servo-operated recording instruments. A review of progress
    But with modern techniques using servo motors, electronic amplifiers and strobe pulsing exactly the same method is possible for much more rapid phenomena and plotting may occupy J—J- min. STROBE GENERATOR HANDWHEEL .
  • Micronor Introduces World's First Universal MPG/Handwheel For Teach Pendants And Other Motion Control Applications
    Newbury Park, CA - Micronor's MR190 Universal Manual Pulse Generator / Handwheel (MPG) is the world's first MPG to offer both A/A'/B/B' differential line driver and A/B pull-up quadrature outputs in a single unit. ...use in all types of teach pendants, control panels, motor drives, position control systems and electronic instrumentation.