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  • Candy dispenser with hard candy dipping pop.
    A candy food product is described, which comprises: a candy pop with a hard candy rod formed and supported as a support base; and a dispenser shaped as a personal electronic device for storing confectionery powders .
  • Effect of basic powder particle properties on densification of porous tungsten
    Tungsten powder of three diVerent particle sizes, labelledPorous tungsten is employed extensively for com- ponents such as dispenser cathodes in electronic valves .
  • Potential of bumble bees as bio-vectors of Clonostachys rosea for Botrytis blight management in lowbush blueberry
    This plastic dis- penser utilized an electronic sensor matched to a mechanical shutter that intermittently (every 20 bees) refilled the exit tube with powdered C. rosea from a top-loading reservoir.
  • * Capstan roller printer * Numerically controlled machine * V-process casting ofAl-7% Si Alloy * Development ofa filter circuit * Gold plating process * Optimization of inter-cooler * Xerographic replenisher dispenser * Electronic Warfare Receiver System * Multicycle... ...of air bag * Electrostatic powder coating * Chemical reaction experiment...
  • noun.artifact ( } { cashbox, money_box, till, strongbox,@ (a strongbox for holding cash) } { cash_machine, cash_ dispenser , automated_teller_machine, automatic_teller_machine, automated_teller... ...a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video) } { cassette_deck, tape_deck,@ (a tape deck for playing and recording cassette tapes) } { cassette_player, electronic _equipment,@ (electronic equipment... ...perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar) } { castile_soap, soap,@...
  • Shopping In Reloading - Big Bruin
    Not only accurate but fast, too, for a trickle dispenser : average dispensing time is about 20 seconds for a 60 grain extruded powder charge.    Electronic control lets you simply punch in the exact-size charge you need...
  • Technologies of quantitative, color, and dynamic image analysis
    Optical noninvasive control technologies based on automatic video controlling systems greatly increase reliability of granulometric analysis of various metal powders and grinded materials, used, for example, in dispenser elements in electronic devices.
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • Green procurement in the Asian public sector and the Hong Kong private sector
    Detergent, cleansing powder , soap, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, fuel oils, correction fluid, photocopier, LPG light bus, hybrid... Washing machines, dehumidifiers, electric clothes dryers, electric storage water heaters, television sets, rice-cookers, electronic ballasts, fax machines, multifunction devices, laser printers, LCD monitors, computers and hot / cold bottled water dispensers .
  • Novelty candy dispenser 2.
    Sugar confectionery packaged in a dispenser shaped to resemble a personal electronic product is described. The dispenser includes a number of compartments for holding various sugar confectionery powders , a compartment for holding...

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