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Parts by Number for Electronic Product Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CD HIRSCHMANN/PRODUCT CATALOG National Microchip Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH Not Provided Electronic Component
CD GERSYS/PRODUCT CATALOG National Microchip GERSYS GmbH Not Provided Electronic Component
CD TYCO ELECTRONICS /PRODUCT KATALOG AMP National Microchip TYCO ELECTRONICS Not Provided Electronic Component
PIC16F84A Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided and the end application can be easily updated without removing the device from the end product via the ICSP. Easily adapted for automotive, industrial, appliances low power remote sensors, electronic locks and security applications.
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  • Electronic Cooling
    All electronic components, from computer chips to high-end power converters, generate heat, and rejection of this heat is necessary for their optimum and reliable operation. As electronic designs require higher power transfer in more compact enclosures, dissipating the heat load becomes a critical
  • What are Electronic Filters?
    Real-world signals contain both wanted and unwanted information. Therefore, some kind of electronic signal filtering technique must separate the two before processing and analysis can begin. Every electronic design project produces signals that require electronic signal filtering, processing
  • Electronic Cable Assemblies
    Electronic cable assemblies are found on medical products, military equipment, industrial controls and machinery, and all kinds of consumer electronics. Electronic cables can be defined as cables that transmit control signals or information, or that supply low current power typically below 5 amps
  • AN0012 Electronic Lighting Ballasts
    All fluorescent lamps require a ballast to provide the electrical power to preheat the lamp electrodes, strike the lamp, provide the running power and control the discharge current. This can be achieved by either electromagnetic or high frequency electronic ballasts. With the introduction of new
  • Electronic Medical Record System
    The IT-based operational renovations can be effectively accelerated through the use of a wireless LAN system that enables flexible network construction. CONTEC's wireless LAN technologies are playing an important role in medical revolution centered around electronic medical records. CONTEC A Focus
  • Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures
    This white paper discusses four popular options. for cooling electronic/electrical equipment housed. in enclosures and cabinets. These options include. thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based. air conditioners, vortex coolers and air-to-air heat. exchangers (heat pipes). Each cooling
  • Electronic or Pneumatic Actuation? Advantages of Belimo Electronic Direct Coupled Actuators (.pdf)
    In 1975, when BELIMO was established, pneumatic actuators accounted for 50% of the actuators used in Europe. Today, 95% of those installed are electronic and, in Japan, 80%. BELIMO electronic has over 60% marketshare in both Europe and Japan. Recognition of the cost/benefit ratio of high quality
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    to science-fair projects. In contrast, this book will help. you discover the challenge and secrets of building practical electronic medical devices,. giving you basic, tested blocks for the design and development of new instrumentation. The projects range from simple biopotential amplifiers all the way

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