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  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation

    to science-fair projects. In contrast, this book will help. you discover the challenge and secrets of building practical electronic medical devices,. giving you basic, tested blocks for the design and development of new instrumentation. The projects range from simple biopotential amplifiers all the way

  • Medical Device Link . Coming of electronic age at DCLD

    reviewers, two each from DCLD's Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology and Immunology branches. (Later, reviewers from the Microbiology Branch also attended a training session.) As training material, Hybritech agreed to provide a previously approved product application in electronic format, with a Hybritech employee

  • Staying Lean with Electronic Work Instructions

    them.We'll look at the methods used to create and maintain documents using traditional tools and new toolsFinally, we'll look at how to glean gold from the instructions. If I do anything today I want to shift people away from thinking of instructions as a cost center. Staying Lean with Electronic

  • Microstrip Gap Waveguide on Electronic Band Gap Substrate Example

    A microstrip gap waveguide containing a mushroom-type EBG surface is simulated in XFdtd and compared to measured results. Microstrip Gap Waveguide on Electronic Band Gap Substrate - Application Examples - Remcom. Home. Products. Software and Services Overview. XFdtd. XStream Acceleration. Wireless

  • Medical Device Link . Developing a Successful Employee Training Program

    Tradeshows. Search for Events. Industry Zones. Adhesives. Consultants. Contract Manufacturing. Electronic Components. FDA. Materials. Motors & Motion Control. Software. Sterilization. Testing. Tubing. Resources. Research. White Papers. Industry Links. Medical Design Excellence Awards. Canon Tradeshows

  • Smart Computing Article - Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) to emergency repair diskette (ERD)

    Performance Support Systems in her 1991 book of the same name. The book compares and contrasts the value of traditional training methods, such as classroom training, with online, just-in-time information. In her book, Gery defines EPSS as "an integrated electronic environment that is available

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  • Re: how to understand electrical control wiring of machine in actual

    Schematics are not for the untrained observer. It is also NOT something a person can teach you on a forum such as this. There is no instant knowledge infusion for untrained electricians. Tutorial - How to Read a Schematic SCHEMATIC READING Tutorial - How to Read a Schematic Symbols Used in...


    I would like to know a few things here myself. First, if you think that a circuit breaker schematic diagram is a complicated diagram I'd like to know why? I would expect that any electronic technician could fabricate a circuit with a circuit breaker diagrammed. I would expect any certified...

  • Re: Electrical Engineering Drawings

    Yes, there is a special technique to reading a technical drawing, its called a formal education in that technical field. Now there are a few common traits to nearly all technical drawings that happen mostly in what's called the legend of the drawing. The legend will typically be in one corner o...

  • Re: guidance for designing hydraulics systems

    There are direct comparisons that can be made between all types of systems, regardless of their media. Electronic circuits have similarities to hydraulic, hydronic, pneumatic, etc. You can use these basics to designt your circuits and systems. First thing is to identify what exactly you want th...

  • Re: Electrical Design Engineer

    It might not seem like it but my two comments below are actually useful to think about. 1. Most Design and R&D Engineers have that job because that is who they are. The coffee cup that is often on my desk has pencils, pens, resistors, capacitors, ICs, screws, nuts, connectors and other "R&

  • Re: Instrumentation Engineers Wanted

    Jose E. Villares, EIT, MBA • 407 Summerchase Drive, Duluth, GA 30096 Facility Engineer /Project Manager ACCOMPLISHMENTS & CAPABILITIES • MBA in Project Management • Bachelors in Industrial Engineering. Engineer in Training (EIT) certification. PE exam in October 20...

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  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

  • Electrical Engineer

    ELECTRONIC DESIGN ENGINEER: Responsible for the integration of various types of electrical systems into our optical products as well as stand alone electronic products. Extensive experience with micro-electronics, displays, wireless communications, PCB development & layout, schematics, sensors, micro chips, software, firmware & lasers is desired. The ideal candidate must be proficient with design software, Microsoft programs and a minimum of 3 years integration experience. For complete information about the position and the application process, please visit our website at nightforceoptics.applicant pro.com/jobs/. The application period is open until 4/9/2014. We are an EEO employer and consider all qualified applicants, including protected veterans ...

  • Top News: IBM Scientists Harness ''Slow Light'' for Optical Communications

    Application will replace electricity for electronic components.

  • Competition between Monomeric and Dimeric Crystals in Schematic Models for Globular Proteins

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry BDOI: 10.1021/jp5011428

  • Exercise training improves health outcomes of women with heart disease more than of men

    In the largest study to ever investigate the effects of exercise training in patients with heart failure, exercise training reduced the risk for subsequent all-cause mortality or all-cause hospitalization in women by 26 percent, compared with 10 percent in men. While a causal relationship has previously been observed in clinical practice between improved health outcomes and exercise, this trial is the first to link the effects of exercise training to health outcomes in women with cardiovascular disease.

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Inspec Inc.
Electronic Insturmentation

contract inspection services. Whether on-site, at your facility or at our facility, we will support you; running parts, training, programming, scanning and much more!. InspecGAGE. InspecGAGE is a tracking software program designed to help you manage your metrology assets, reduce costs, provide compliance with calibration standards and improve profitability. Available to our valued customers at no cost, InspecGAGE allows you to monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations, track gage locations...

SKF/North America
Electronic Stethoscope - TMST 3

no special training required. Lightweight ergonomic design makes it easy to operate with one hand. Excellent quality headset for optimum sound quality even in very high-noise environments. Pre-recorded demonstration CD and output for analogue recording help facilitate analysis and comparison. Supplied with two probes, 70 and 220 mm (2,8 and 8,7 in) enabling reach almost anywhere. Adjustable digital volume control up to 32 levels to reach desired volume...

Infrared Training Center Course Availability

systems worldwide for a variety of applications. FLIR's thermal imagers are used in such diverse applications as public safety, defense, navigation, electronic news gathering and search and rescue, as well as for electrical inspection, commercial and residential building inspection, indoor air quality and home energy monitoring applications, non-destructive testing, medical science, research and development, and manufacturing process control. For more information on all types of thermal imagers...