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  • Extending Electrical Component Life with Enclosure Air Conditioners
    Years ago the use of electrical components made a move from "handy gadget" to "critical equipment." Computer servers, hard drives, displays and controls all serve as the nerve center to many industries like telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing and elevator controls just to name a few.
  • Radio Frequency Interference in Hospitals
    telephone systems, light dimmers, fax machines, floor buffers, elevators, elevator controls, nearby cellular base stations, broadcast transmitters, and ultrasound systems all contribute to the harsh RF environment in hospitals. This may not be a lot worse than many businesses, but lives are at stake so
  • Chameleon of control: The ever-changing PLC
    A diversity of applications and technical changes keep PLCs a viable contender in the control arena. The ZEN logic controller from Omron measures 70 X 90 X 56 mm and comes standard with 10 I/O lines. Ladder logic programs can be as large as 96 lines. An existing OEM elevator controller is replaced
  • Braking and Regenerative Energy with AC Drives
    What is Regenerative Energy? When a motor turns faster than the commanded speed as set by its AC variable speed drive, the motor in effect acts as a generator. An example of this would be the control of an elevator car as it descends. With the help of gravity, the load will readily lower. In fact
  • Open Network Eliminates Tray-Loader Wiring Problems
    that accepts stacks of trays from carts. An elevator transfers the top tray in the stack. A robotic arm empties or fills the tray, and the completed tray then moves to a restack station. Previous generations of the machine were hardwired. Each discrete input -- hundreds of them -- required a cable
  • Case History: Cement Kiln Dust/Clinker
    and analyzed for metals and organic constituents in order to comply with permit requirements. Sampling procedures consisted of taking a grab sample by hand from the process at a transfer point between a dust collector hopper screw conveyor and a bucket elevator. EPA sampling requirements demand a high
  • To infinity ... and beyond!
    How to get fuel to future interplanetary vehicles: Beam it up to them with lasers. The UBC Snowstar Space Elevator Team's robotic climber is almost ready for ascent as senior engineering physics student Sean Mactavish secures it to the competition ribbon during the 2006 NASA Beam Power Challenge
  • Elevating Grain Storage Practices
    Stored-grain insects account for multimillion-dollar losses annually in this multibillion-dollar industry. Each year, 2 billion bushels of wheat are produced in the United States, with most of it being stored at one time or another in an elevator. Some is stored before milling, but much
  • LSMs Ride the Wave of Modular Manufacturing
    . The wheeled vehicles ride on tracks flanking the LSM module. MagneMover DB 1.0 (double-bogie) vehicles negotiate curves with a 1.0-m radius. An electromagnetic switch routes the vehicle. LSMs power this proof-of-concept Advanced Weapons Elevator, which is to be deployed on the U.S. Navy's CVN 78

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