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Parts by Number for Embedded Ethernet Board Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EMBEDDED ETHERNET DEVELOPMENT BOARD Digi-Key Custom Computer Services Inc (CCS) Programmers, Development Systems BOARD DEV ETHERNET
VL-MPEU-G2E Digi-Key VersaLogic Corporation Embedded Computers MINIPCIE BOARD 1CH ETHERNET
SB72-301CR Digi-Key NetBurner Inc Embedded Computers BOARD SERIAL-ETHERNET 512K FLASH
STM32-E407 Digi-Key Olimex LTD Programmers, Development Systems ST M3 STM32F407 ETHERNET BOARD
SB72EX-100CR Digi-Key NetBurner Inc Embedded Computers DUAL PORT SERIAL-ETHERNET

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    . • Will it be used for digital I/O?. Printer Ports. Printer ports on embedded PC boards gen-. Ethernet connection. • Speed. erally follow the Centronics standard that is common in desk-. top PCs. Naturally, this can be used to drive an actual printer. Video. • Display type (CRT or flat-. panel LCD). if the equipment
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    This reference design demonstrates how to set up an Embedded Ethernet web server on a C8051F12x device. It provides instructions on how to set up and use the AB2 Ethernet Daughter Cards and example web servers that use the CMX Micronet TM protocol stack. It also provides example low-level Ethernet
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    advantage of network technology to monitor their machines from a single location. While newer vending machines may already have built-in Ethernet capability, older vending machines can rely on dedicated embedded computers to be connected to the network. Embedded computers can also be used to help
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    -. opment environment for embedded targets, since it scales down to. Figure 2. the smallest devices and up to full-scale systems. booting from the network take care of transferring the kernel to. When the development phase is complete, configuring the board. the board. This approach will also make use
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    To implement an embedded application, a wide range of software choices must be made before implementation is started. Some typical decisions might be: - Should I use an operating system or not? - Does my application need real-time performance? - Do I want my application to execute in a 16-bit
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    , the. parallel ports, compact. of the time spent on software develop- operating system is spared from having to. flash, USB and Ethernet. ment. In embedded systems, much of the know the details of every piece of hard-. There are manufacturer-. highly detailed, diffi cult development is ware to which
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    or. chassis built for industrial applications. Embedded PC board sizes range in a. building their own. variety of sizes from as small as a. from system components such as. The availability of less expensive. 3.5 ". floppy disk up to the size of a. boards, panels and enclosures. panels with better