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    Embedded Systems Software - (69 companies)
    Embedded systems software is designed to support a special-purpose computer system. It has a single dedicated function or a small number of dedicated functions, often with real-time performance constraints. Because embedded systems software...
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    Embedded Programming Software - (62 companies)
    Embedded programming software is used to program special-purpose computer systems that are designed to perform one or several dedicated functions. In addition to a core operating system (OS), many embedded systems have upper-layer software...
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  • Graphics Software-Image
    Graphics Software - (162 companies)
    Graphics software is used to produce video graphics and to edit and convert graphic files of different formats. These types of software include raster graphics, vector graphics, raster to vector conversion (R2V), and others. Graphics software...
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  • Medical Software-Image
    Medical Software - (354 companies)
    Medical and healthcare software is used in hospitals, clinics, and related facilities. This category includes software used to control and monitor medical devices, and software used for medical practice management and patient billing. Medical...
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    Bug Tracking Software - (20 companies)
    Bug tracking software enables developers to use breakpoint and stepping methods to troubleshoot source code written for computers and embedded systems. These stand-alone computer applications are not part of an integrated development environment...
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    Security Software - (458 companies)
    Security software programs are used to restrict access to data, files and users on a computer or server. Purpose. Security software is used to restrict access to data, files, and users on a computer or server. Types. Products include: Firewalls...
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    Software Development Services - (2729 companies)
    Ltd.), and EPOC (R) (Symbian, Ltd). Many software development services follow object-oriented programming and modular development strategies. Embedded software development uses tools that manage the components of the entire system, including...
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    RFID Software - (139 companies)
    ...reside on a network server or be embedded in the device. Traditional RFID middleware includes device management features such as remote monitoring and hardware configuration. Newer products such as RFID middleware appliance are hardware-software...
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    Barcode Software - (226 companies)
    Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology, generates output strings corresponding to barcode values, creates barcode fonts, prints barcodes, and/or performs tracking, etc. Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology...
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    Operating System Software - (368 companies)
    ...system software include web server and email server software. Web server software manages the delivery and appearance of HTML pages across the Internet through a series of different protocols and applications. An embedded web server has specific...
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  • Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2003
    The next layer – sometimes called EBS ( embedded basic software ) – consists of the operating system, drivers, basic system and communication functionality, diagnosis services, and hardware abstraction layer.
  • Web Standards
  • A Multidisciplinary Educational Board System for Microcontrollers: Considerations in Design for Technically Accurate Custom-made Platforms
    The freeware integrated development environment (ICS08), the variety of the embedded subsystems (PWM, ADC, etc) and the availability of the embedded software (MONITOR) that provides direct connection with a PC [10] consisted of the basic for choosing the recommended 8-bit microcontroller … The following paragraphs present the designing areas of concern for implementing the EBS .
  • Embedded Software Engineering in automotive and Truck Electronics
    He has developed software and hardware in nearly all automotive and heavy-duty truck electronics areas such as ABS and EBS braking, Engine Controls, Cruise Control, Automotive Radars and Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind-Spot Radars, In-Car Computers, Vehicle Wireless Communications, Ride … … ranges from 4-bit to 32-bit platforms, and from very low-level embedded to high-level …
  • Business Processes for Business Communities
    … particular project, this problem was solved by placing a careful analysis to improve business processes prior to the migration, in order to provide an optimal basis for the introduction of a new release of the business software used—in this case, Oracle EBS . The standard software is seamlessly embedded into a heterogeneous system landscape.
  • Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms
    Yadav, P., McCann, J.A.: EBS : decentralised slot synchronisation for broadcast messaging for low-power wireless embedded systems. Confer- ence on Communication System Software and Middleware, COMSWARE 2011, pp. 9:1–9:6.
  • A practical approach to comprehensive system test & debug using boundary scan based test architecture
    … it provides the fastest interface as well as the best coverage since the EBS Controller circuit is … … engine as far as speed and performance, additional testing is required in the embedded environment to ensure … In the second example (Figure-5) a software -based controller is used.
  • Designing a real-time platform for rapid development
    … noted that the trends of real-time sys- tems is to move from embedded micro-kernels and … … market by: providing value-added application components on top of open softwarecomponents providing software intensive solutions integrated … At EBS we extended Furth's two principles to provide a software platform in the telecom domain, with …
  • TGFβ1 Induces Vasculogenesis and Inhibits Angiogenic Sprouting in an Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Model: Respective Contribution of ALK1 and ALK5
    … length of endothelial sprouts was achieved by morphomet- ric analysis using the Visiolab@2000 software (Molecular De- vices … Dissociation of EBs EBs embedded in methylcellulose were dissociated in cell- dissociation enzyme-free phosphate-buffered saline (PBS)- based buffer …
  • The Application of CFD to Ventilation Calculations at Yucca Mountain
    Hydrothermal-ventilation analyses are being conducted using MULTIFLUX 1.1 with embedded NUFT Version 3.0s [1 … … by ventilation affect the YM barriers and are inputs to the Engineered Barrier System ( EBS ) Process Model. MULTIFLUX is a coupled hydrothermal - ventilation numerical simulation software package designed to calculate time-dependent heat, moisture …