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  • Soldering a steel cover onto a nickel plated EMI filter [IH]

    Soldering a nickel plated steel cover onto a nickel plated steel EMI filter housing without damaging the RF circuit...

  • Soldering a steel cover onto a nickel plated EMI filter [MEC]

    Soldering a nickel plated steel cover onto a nickel plated steel EMI filter housing without damaging the RF circuit...

  • Ceramic EMI Filters - A Review (.pdf)

    The discoidal feed-through capacitor, a unique configuration of a ceramic multilayer chip, is utilized as an EMI suppression device and as an element in EMI feed-through filter assemblies. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be defined as any electrical signal radiated or conducted into or out

  • Multilayer Ceraminc EMI Filters

    The challenges facing electronics designers today are ever-increasing. Conflicting requirements conspire to force them to develop new techniques to fulfill their design requirements. The pressure is on for lower cost, smaller size and higher performance levels. Mobile phones and hand-held computer

  • RFI / EMI Filter Tutorial

  • EMI Filter Design Guide (.pdf)

    Selecting an appropriate filter style and type is often a complex task involving many considerations and trade-offs. Some of the factors that have a major impact on designer's selections are: 1. Real Estate limitations (size, weight, mounting type). 2. Environmental conditions (moisture resistance

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  • Re: Purpose of SCRs in Power Factor Circuit

    Hello MetalSmiths, thanks for the reply. Perhaps a little more of the schematic will help. I found the original patent for it. It looks like what the MC34262 is based on. Bucher, II James D; Zytec Corporation; United States 4683529 - Switching power supply with automatic power factor correction...

  • Re: DC-DC Converter

    Hi, I know this post was some time ago but now i'm trying to implement same concept. But I dont want to depend on a IC like LTC3108 to do all work, because only low current possible. I also saw a new IC BQ25570 which is able to do a very efficient harvest from solar panel and charge battery and al...

  • Re: Microchips for LED Lighting

    Hello Urbain, I had not seen your schematic before - it did not show in the simple text editor I first used to view your document. It is a basic analog design. Perhaps a better way of characterizing the current source would be its impulse response - how it behaves in response to a...

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EMI Filters

and implantable medical devices. PA &E EMI filters are manufactured to customer specifications in a number of styles including: eyelet, filter pin, bolt and broadbanc configurations. For help in choosing a suitable filter for your application, refer to PA &E's EMI Filters Design Guide, which outlines the physical and electrical characteristics of PA &E's filter products.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
EMI Filters and RFI Filters

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies/Jerrik, located in Tempe Arizona, is a premiere designer and manufacturer of EMI filter and transient suppression connectors. Our high reliability, high performance products serve many industries including commercial and military avionics, transportation, automotive and telecommunications. All of our facilities are certified to ISO9001:2000/AS9100 as well as other customer specific requirements. We specialize in manufacturing connectors that meet various...

Space Grade EMI Filters

are tested to 1x10-7 HE at one atmospheric pressure. PA &E manufactures a number of EMI filter styles and sizes including micro & mini filters; eyelets, filter pins, as well as bolt and broadband filters. The company also manufactures custom caparrays, custom filter assemblies. For more information about PA &E's EMI filter solutions, or to learn more about the company's hermetic connector, integrated electronic packaging and explosive bonded metal capabilities, contact PA &E...