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  • Using emission spectroscopy to perform impurity analyses in UHP gases
    of gases was noted, leading to the use of emission spectroscopy for quantitative analysis as well as qualitative identification. Equipped with sophisticated electronics and detectors, today's spectroscopic analyzers can perform continuous, multicomponent analyses with limits of detection (LODs
  • Emission Systems Optimization to Meet Future European Legislation (.pdf)
    Euro IV emissions limits have become a major milestone for the car industry in Europe. To comply with reduced emissions targets, a significant effort was required to minimize light-off time and to improve steady state performance for the pollutants HC and NOx.
  • Emission Values of Transmission Line Terminals Having More Than 10 Years in Operation - Chesf
    The loading of a transmission line involves many variables, from which the following deserve to be highlighted: Climatic conditions - wind, environment temperature, humidity, pollution; Conductor line - nominal current, line's surface material; Thermal limit for which the TL - Transmission Line
  • CASE STUDY: Holcim's US Cement Plant in Ste. Genevieve
    advanced. Its emission limits are among the world's lowest. And it was. entirely designed and supplied by FLSmidth.
  • New Regulations for Biomass and Other Alternative Fuels
    EPA completed new rules that changed the way they look at "nontraditional" fuels. Using these alternative fuels to generate energy makes a facility subject to emission limits and rules regulation boilers. Make sure you are ready for higher and higher demand as renewable fuel portfolio standards
  • Fluid-Trac Liquid Level Sensor For AdBlue Tanks
    of pollutants that can be released into the environment especially from the burning of fossil fuels. The European Union (EU) specified emission limits for diesel engines to be implemented in five phases. These emission standards set specific limits to the amounts of pollutants that can be released
  • Dow Chemical Company: Achieving Multi-Site Compliance with Pavilion's Environmental Portfolio Management Solution
    in industrial nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by the year 2007. To meet that requirement, the TCEQ mandated certain NOx emission limits and created the NOx Mass Emissions Cap and Trade (MECT) program. This program deployed at Dow sites in the HGA affects more than 150 emission units
  • Bio-Oxidation control of Air Emissions from Panel Board Production - A New Direction (.pdf)
    . During the 1980's and 1990's odor emissions control using biofilters increased dramatically in North America, however, virtually all of these bio-oxidation systems were installed without specific VOC or HAP pollutant emission limits.
  • EPA Tier 4 and the Electric Power Industry (.pdf)
    and manufacturers. While stringent diesel engine emission standards generally. result in cleaner air, the challenges will continue in the United States as the Environmental. Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) phase in even more. stringent diesel engine emission limits
  • Flash Dryers
    stream, both primary product collection (typically, cyclones) and secondary and tertiary dust collection such as multicyclones, bag houses, scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators usually are installed to meet emission limits. Flash dryers are an efficient method of drying products