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  • Fundamentals of the Infrared Physical Layer
    communication can be established through free space between two dissimilar devices. This document describes the fundamentals of the infrared physical layer, the IrDA standard and selecting the proper discrete emitter and photodiode components for circuit implementation. Fundamentals of the Infrared
  • Infrared Basics
    is evacuated and filled with inert gases. A small amount of halogen gas is added to promote long life of the emitter. Rated life for most T3 lamps is 5000 hours. Actual life will depend upon the application and environment and may be greater of less than rated. High Density Infrared Technology
  • Harnessing the Power of Infrared Energy
    to 2 ?m. Long infrared for process heating uses from 4 to 10 ?m. As the wavelength decreases, the temperature of the radiant source increases. Some emitters crossover into more than one category of radiance. For example, an emitter that is consider4ed to be medium wave infrared operating at a lower
  • Case Study - Sealing Caramel-filled Chocolates
    . Free web analytics, website statistics. IR Heaters. Infrared Heater Types. Complete Range. Heater Technology. Standard Sizes. Special Designs. Accessories. IR Systems. Infrared Heating Solutions. Modular Systems. Custom Systems. Power Control Systems. Accessories. Applications. Introduction
  • Case Study: Drying Color Stain on Wood Panels (.pdf)
    long breaks,. unlike gas ovens which must be run at temperature throughout the working day. Medium wave infrared has a great affinity for water and offers a very energy efficient method of drying. In addition, the. simplicity and compactness of infrared equipment allow retrofitting be carried out
  • THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
    Tetrahertz (or THz) radiation lies in a frequency range of approximately 1012 HZ in the electromagnetic spectrum. This region falls between microwaves (on the long side) and far-infrared (on the short side). Up until recently, this region of the EM spectrum has been under-utilized due to a lack
  • Wired 9.08: Beam On
    Novalux's first products are near 0.5 watt for the sake of compatibility, Mooradian says his chips have the potential to produce beams in the 2-watt range. The result is a more compact, accurate, and powerful beam that can do the work of both the surface emitter and the edge emitter, saving telecom
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    an emitter, photodiode sensor, pin photodiode, and reflective sensor. The near-infrared emitter, housed in a 1206 package, produces an output of 1.2 mW/sr at 50 mA and features a +-70 emission angle. The photodiode sensor, which also comes in a 1206 package, offers a spectral sensitivity range

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