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  • Enabling Switches
  • Novel Silicon-on-Insulator SP5T Switch-LNA Front-end IC Enabling Concurrent Dual-band 256-QAM 802.11ac WLAN Radio Operations
    An innovative SOI SP5T switch-LNA integrated circuit is presented. The switch-LNA consists of a diplexer that provides out-of-band rejection and enables dual-band concurrent operation, a dual-band LNA with bypass attenuators, and three high linearity transmit paths. Tx paths feature 0.1 dB
  • RF Switches Guide Signals In Smart Phones
    to four bands of the 3G WCDMA/ HSPA. standards. Evolving versions of smart phones will support additional bands using. WCDMA and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards requiring as many as 10 or. 11 frequency bands of operation. One of the key components in enabling so many. frequency bands
  • Optical Switching - Preface
    as an ultimate goal. Nevertheless, OPS networks. have been (and continue to be) studied extensively. The issues discussed. include the design alternatives and the enabling technologies for OPS nodes, as. well as the approaches for contention resolution. Several switch architectures are. presented
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    compromising throughput. Configurable and extendable across several technology generations, the tools offer sensitivity and throughput improvements over traditional laser scattering systems, enabling chipmakers to implement higher sampling strategies to protect wafers in process. With multiple
  • Rack Cabinet Buying Guide
    Racks are frame structures designed for mounting standard 19" rack-mount equipment-servers, routers, UPS systems, switches, audio/video-regardless of vendor. They provide rack equipment organization, security and cable management while enabling airflow. There are two basic types: rack enclosures
  • Medical Device Link .
    application of materials, which can include thick greases and pastes. The KDS808 model offers accuracy when depositing dots, lines, or other patterns. The KDS834A provides reproducibility with a four-position push-button timer, enabling the operator to switch the unit for manually controlled or timed
  • Network Taps
    Two common methods for gaining a window into a network are by installing a network tap or by using a mirror port. (called a SPAN port by Cisco (R)) on a network switch. Both network taps and mirror ports provide a window into traffic on. a network segment, enabling you to use a network analyzer