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Parts by Number for Enclosure Heater Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
9769080 PLC Radwell Rittal Not Provided CS ENCLOSURE HEATER, 800W, 230VAC
3102110 PLC Radwell Rittal Not Provided ENCLOSURE HEATER 300(11.8) W, 115V
3102000 PLC Radwell Rittal Not Provided ENCLOSURE HEATER 300(11.8) W, 230V
SHG14003 PLC Radwell Gfc Hammond Not Provided ENCLOSURE HEATER, 45W, AC/DC 110-250 V
SHG14001 PLC Radwell Gfc Hammond Not Provided ENCLOSURE HEATER, 30W, AC/DC 110-250 V
SHG14005 PLC Radwell Gfc Hammond Not Provided ENCLOSURE HEATER, 60W, AC/DC 110-250 V
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  • Enclosure Heaters: "Life Insurance" for Electronics
    Today's continuous miniaturization of components results in high packing densities within enclosures. These ever-increasing densities lead to higher temperatures with the enclosure - figures that will increase as ambient temperatures rise. In response to this thermal problem, cooling systems have
  • Enclosure Cooling - Local or Remote? (.pdf)
    "Cooling from a Distance" based off a paper written by Chiller Product Manager Howard Kielar, was featured in Process Cooling. The article highlights how remote enclosure cooling offers a viable alternative to local packaged air conditioners for challenging industrial applications, and the type
    added. 100-watt internal heaters. The purpose of adding heaters was to identify the enclosure’s. ability to dissipate heat with the added shielding. Illustration of the test set-up. The enclosures. used were Hoffman COMLINE® model. E-CL605020 (600mm H X 500mm W x 200mm D). They are RAL 7035 (Textured
  • Electronic Enclosure Cooling - Understanding Thermal Management (.pdf)
    for your interest in Pfannenberg products!. Download the Pfannenberg Thermal Management Solutions Catalog. Download the Cooling Solutions Guide. Download the Pfannenberg Food & Beverage Industry Brochure. Download the Pfannenberg Wind Energy Brochure. Download the "Enclosure Cooling - Thermal
    . Other lower cost methods work on the principle of maintaining the internal. performance. temperature above the dew point temperature to prevent air within the enclosure. UL and CSA require. from reaching its dew point. Examples include light bulbs and heaters, which can. enclosure testing
  • Convectors: When Looks and Performance Count
    (Magnesium Oxide MgO), encased in a metal enclosure rod. Fins are added to the element rod to improve heat transfer from the element rod to the air. Most convective heater types have aluminum fins pressure bonded to the rod. However, heavy-duty and explosion proof convectors have steel fins brazed to the rod
  • Failure in Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems: What to Do About It
    in an enclosure with a miniature heater and fan that attempts to maintain temperature conditions similar to those the camera would encounter in its native indoors environment. Effectively, the enclosure creates a miniature climate-controlled environment for the camera. This layer of ruggedization
  • Quarry Dewatering Compliance
    enclosure heater, flow rate display, totalizer, programmable control relays, three 4-20mA outputs and a data logger. Bray Quarry personnel Kevin Jans (Quality Control) and Stuart Thomson (Quarry Manager) periodically download log files from the Greyline AVFM to their laptop computer. Using Greyline