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  • How to confuse engineers: Resolvers, Encoders, Transducers
    Resolvers are good. Encoders are good. But which is the best? There s only one way to find out this article examines the strengths and weaknesses of each and also offers some alternatives. A resolver is an electrical transformer used to measure angle of rotation. Most resolvers look rather like
  • Everything you always wanted to know about slab resolvers but were afraid to ask....
    , the resolver 's analogue signals will converted to a digital signal of finite resolution. The actual resolution will be determined by the resolution of the analogue to digital conversion circuit. This leads to a subtle but important point - namely that a fair amount of specialist skill is needed
  • Rotary Encoders for Highly Dynamic Servo Drives (.pdf)
    variations for different types of scanning systems in the encoders. Ideal output signals with high resolution. Resolver: 1 signal period per revolution. support a high bandwidth, which means. EQI inductive rotary encoder: 32 signal periods per revolution. that load variations only have a minimal
  • A Quick Guide to Selecting Encoders and Other Feedback Devices
    receiving the encoder signals. As encoders have limits, so do control systems (counters, motor controls, PLC’s). However many modern controls have dedicated circuitry with high bandwidth for encoders.
  • Medical Device Link .
    of power and can be configured to interface with any motion controller. High-performance systems require a motion controller that can generate the two +-10-V-dc command signals needed for sinusoidal commutation; the drive generates a third command signal to maintain high levels of precision. It can
  • Measure Angles on Rotating Systems with High Resolution
    integration of the Hall sensor and the encoder function onto a single silicon chip is now providing a lower cost solution. Using multiple Hall sensors on-chip allows signal processing with good noise immunity. The distance and angle information are output as sine and cosine signals. For rotating
  • As the coil turns
    Inductive rotary encoders fill the gap between resolvers and optical rotary encoders. ECI/EQI Series inductive single and multiturn rotary encoders from Heidenhain are equipped with EnDat interface. The single-turn version has a resolution of 131,072 steps/rev, whereas the multiturn can distinguish
  • Application Note: Position Feedback Device Comparison (March 2003)
    of a precision instrument rack. Incremental Encoders - optical devices which usually consist of a glass disc with an "A" channel, a "B" channel and a once around "marker". Encoders interface easily to computers but are not as rugged or noise immune as resolvers. Their cost is moderate and accuracy

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