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  • Measuring Static Overpressures in Air Blast Environments
    . overpressure in an air blast is extremely challenging. Pressure rise. times can be sub-microsecond, demanding extremely highfrequency. response from the measuring pressure transducers and. their associated signal conditioning. �� T E C H N I C A L N O T E. TN-27. Measuring Static Overpressures
  • Measuring liquid levels with LVDTs
    LVDTs sometimes work better than pressure sensors for gauging tank volumes. A common way of measuring the level of liquid in a tank places a low-pressure sensor at the bottom. The pressure readout is the product of the liquid column height times the density of the liquid. As long as liquid density
  • The End-of-Probe Algorithm
    on the end-of-probe algorithm. or radar level technology at Endress+Hauser, contact Rob either by phone, (317) 535-2168, or by e-mail,. Measuring Low Dielectric/Product Reflection Coefficient. New guided-wave radar technology have. shown that an end-of-probe algorithm
  • E-Field Distribution on HV Insulators' End-Fitting
    characteristics should be tested periodically for corona activity. Polymer insulators, in particular, should be kept corona free or run the risk of accelerated aging. Measuring E-field values is not a task that can be performed regularly, therefore knowing the parameters that are involved with E-field can
  • Digital Calipers Go Beyond Basics (.pdf)
    their position. trols to set the zero point, change units. in place. Measuring OD. Measuring Depth. Measuring ID. Step Measurements Source: Mahr Federal Inc. 18. QUALITY | July 2010. • Depth measurements are made with the blade that extends. out the back of the caliper. Place the end
  • Electrohydraulic Actuators
    the sensor interact with the magnetic field and return a sonic pulse. Distance can be determined by measuring the transmission/reception time interval. Positioning accuracy is 0.001 to 0.003 in. Another way to accurately control position is to hydraulically amplify the motion of a stepping motor
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    blocks are inserted in the fixture to "build out ". the desired dimension. For OD measurements, calibrated "end rods " SPECIAL FEATURE ID/OD CHECKS. are often used. When mastering and measuring large dimensions,. Sometimes, small or large ID/OD checks are complicated by parts. the gage, the master
  • Novel Interferometer Enables Challenging Measurements
    Dynamic interferometry is a standard technique for measuring optics, meter-class optics and optical systems in challenging environments. The method provides high out-of-plane resolution and repeatability even in the pres¬ence of significant vibration and air turbulence. A new dynamic interferometer
  • Medical Device Link .
    and allow greater design freedom. Spindles measuring 2 to 10 mm diam at various pitches can be economically produced, reports the firm. The product is suited for use in high-temperature or magnetically inductive settings, such as MRI systems. Because of the material’s biocompatibility, other
  • Time Domain Reflectometry Operating Principle
    the two dielectric constants is larger than 10. For measuring the interface level we use the residual wave after the first reflection. This part of the wave moves further downwards along the conductors through the first product layer until reflected on the interface level. The speed of this wave

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