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  • Performance Monitoring in Refrigeration Diesel Engines
    units. The Squirrel datalogger was then connected with various temperature and pressure sensors to monitor critical engine parameters such as exhaust gas temperature, coolant temperature, system voltages, and unit pressures, recording the data at preset regular intervals. This enabled analysts
  • High-Powered Engine Testing on a Navy Patrol Boat
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data logging solution for a heavy equipment and engine dealer. The company was running a strenuous test program to help a leading manufacturer validate a new engine design by measuring the performance of its engines installed in a navy patrol boat. High-Powered
  • The Development of a RTD Temperature Sensor for Exhaust Applications (.pdf)
    of. Tolerance of a thermistor depends on its intended range. the three sensor types over the entire measurement. of use. Thermistor tolerances in manifold air. range over time. It is important to note that zero hour. temperature sensors (MAT) or coolant sensors are very. accuracy is only one portion
  • New Nylon Family from DuPont Delivers Superior Aging Resistance (.pdf)
    thermoplastics. The initial. emphasis for application developments will be on automotive engine and exterior components, although the encapsulation of sensors as well as applications for the electric and electronic, household equipment. and general industry also offer great potential. Zytel_Global_Paper_E
  • 2.05: Supercharged with Silicon!
    performance cars. Cars like Corvettes and Camaros, he says, are calibrated close to the edge at full throttle. Their designers control detonation problems with piezoelectric knock sensors, which hear the onset of detonation, then instruct the computer to retard the ignition. The new Corvette LT1 engine
  • A fan of fuel savings
    efficient option. Such controls use a sensor to gauge engine coolant temperature and tell a fan to run only long enough to cool the engine. Otherwise the fan freewheels. Large, over-the-road rigs have used pneumatic on-off fan clutches for years. The units need compressed air to work and tend
  • "Smart" Turbine Meters Improve Flow Sensing Performance In The Aerospace Industry (.pdf)
    . flowmeters for a host of recurring tests. For instance, a flowmeter may be. mounted along with several other sensors on a panel that is instal ed under the. helicopter's engine cover. The helicopter is taken through its flight envelope, and. the flow of various engine or hydraulic fluids is measured
  • Electronically-Controlled Hydrostatic Fan Drive Systems (.pdf)
    -. the rest becomes heat energy and is lost into the atmo-. able pitch fans — do not respond directly to engine coolant. sphere around the vehicle. Of the energy converted to heat,. temperature, severely limiting their accuracy and effi ciency. 35 to 45% is lost directly to the surrounding atmosphere

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