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    Motor Repair Services - (178 companies)
    ...multiple dip-and-bake varnish cycles. Motor repair services that specialize in vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), epoxy treatments, dynamic balancing, and dynamometer testing are also available. Dynamometers are used in motor and engine testing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Marine Repair Services - (39 companies) boats with modest budgets and repair requirements. Marine repair services provide a full range of services including structural repair, welding, machinery repair, diesel engine repair, shaft seal replacement, tube renewal, hydrostatic testing, pump... Learn More
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    Forklift Repair and Maintenance Services - (30 companies)
    ...hydraulics, brakes, transmissions, and diesel engines. Other areas that may need repair include lights, horns or alarms, tires and axles, fluid levels, gauges and instruments, the forklift body or carriage, and attachments. Forklift attachments can include... Learn More
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    Combustion Engines - (242 companies)
    ...directly or indirectly drives a shaft which does work. The mechanical energy produced by a combustion engine may be rotational, vibrational, or another form based on the design of the components. Combustion engines are incorporated in countless types... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Stirling Engines - (9 companies)
    ...a piston to move in response. Stirling engines can utilize the heat from many sources of energy to achieve a temperature differential. These engines work as a closed system, as opposed to a steam or internal combustion engine, as the gasses inside... Learn More
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    Engine Starters - (55 companies)
    Description. Engine starters provide the initial rotation for internal combustion engines. They cause the pistons to move before ignition, enabling the engine to turn over so that it can then operate under its own power. Engine starters... Learn More
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    Engine and Engine Component Repair Services - (118 companies)
    ...engine and engine component repair services are critical to engine performance and longevity. Engine repair and engine component repair services are performed on many different types of engines and engine components including but not limited to jet... Learn More
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    Search Engine Software - (13 companies)
    ...engine software is available for web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and specialized applications for web portals and vertical market websites. Selecting Search Engine Software. Selecting... Learn More
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    Online Directories and Search Engines - (520 companies)
    Online directories list companies on web sites that focus on specific industries or segments. Search engines provide targeted web results based on keywords and other advanced criteria. Online Directories and Search Engines Information. Online... Learn More
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    Spindle Repair Services - (113 companies)
    Spindle Repair Services Information. Spindle repair services specialize in the repair and rebuilding of spindles, rotating components that are used to hold and drive cutting tools or work pieces on lathes, milling machines, and other machine tools... Search by Specification | Learn More

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...position. That is what local contractor proved to the management of a pulp and paper mill in Texas recently. The maintenance people at the plant were rebuilding a turbine engine and decided they wanted to have the inside of the attached cooling oil tank cleaned while the engine was out of service. Previous...

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