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  • Civil Engineering and Architectural Software-Image
    Civil Engineering and Architectural Software - (132 companies)
    Civil engineering and architectural software is the set of tools used to design, simulate and analyze civil engineering structures such as bridges, roads and buildings. Civil engineering and architectural software is used to design, simulate... Learn More
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    Civil Engineering Services - (2157 companies)
    Civil engineering services design and build public and private-sector structures such as bridges, roads, dams, and highways. They can also provide engineering support for city planning and structural design activities. Most civil engineering... Learn More
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    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1682 companies) is used to sequence processes on a variety of machines, milling and turning equipment, integrated circuit design systems, and other mechanical engineering applications. Capabilities. The software capability section distinguishes between... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Drawing Software - (25 companies)
    ...and information regarding materials, processes, dimensions, and tolerances as they apply to application-specific conventions. Drawing software is a key element in design and assembly processes for engineering and manufacturing companies. Drawings... Learn More
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    Modeling and Simulation Software - (452 companies)
    ...for educational purposes, and to assist with design and troubleshooting techniques. Robot simulation software is also used in educational settings. Students can learn how to program robots and operate robotic equipment without using actual production robots... Learn More
  • Planning and Productivity Software - (1659 companies)
    Planning and productivity software is designed for monitoring and improving efficiency, productivity and project management activities. Planning and Productivity Software Information. Planning and productivity software is designed for monitoring... Learn More
  • Geographic Information Systems Software (GIS) - (194 companies) multiple directions and zoom in or zoom out. GIS users can also change the types of information that an interactive map displays. For example, geographic information systems software (GIS) for civil engineering projects may allow road builders and bridge... Learn More
  • Total Stations, Theodolites, and Transits - (58 companies)
    ...collection in the field, compatibility with data from total stations and data collectors, and import/export to computer aided design (CAD) software. Standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 172, Subcommittee 6... Learn More
  • Engineering Design Services - (5890 companies)
    ...the placement and types of doors, and the placement and types of windows or skylights. Electrical and Electronic Design. Image Credit: CAD Design Software. Companies design hardware for analog and digital circuits, components, devices, and systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Materials Design and Engineering Services - (110 companies)
    Materials design and engineering firms develop new materials, optimize processes, characterize structures, analyze compositions, perform computational modeling, and/or prototype samples to select materials or design properties meeting application... Learn More
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...and even improve future road design, said Benjamin Coifman, assistant professor of electrical engineering and civil and environmental engineering at Ohio State. Many drivers have probably noticed the buried detectors, called loop detectors, at intersections. A square outline cut into the pavement...

...and. parts and software algorithms. The detailed design. schedule slips. based upon the derivation of these requirements. How much Systems Engineering is enough for each. occupies the bottom of the diagram, while the right hand. Project* ?!. side deals with the verification and validation...

...for presentation or publication by SAE should send the. manuscript or a 300 word abstract of a proposed manuscript to: Secretary, Engineering Meetings Board, SAE. Printed in USA. 2004-01-1481. Analytical Design of Cockpit Modules for Safety and Comfort. John Z. Lin and Stephen M. Pitrof. Delphi Cor por ation...

A Japanese automotive OEM requested LMS Engineering Services to investigate the possibilities of optimizing chassis design for impact harshness - the seat accelerations caused by a vehicle crossing obstacles such as expansion joints on the road surface. Simultaneously, the customer wanted...

Illustrations courtesy of Lathrop Engineering (San Jose); Stryker Endoscopy part courtesy of Visionary Design Systems (Santa Clara, CA). Design control requires input up front and continuing involvement from the project team. Design engineers receive input from the preconcept and concept phases...

...and off-highway equipment. To shape its role as a total solution provider, ArvinMeritor systematically searches for new ways to further optimize its complete chain of design, engineering, validation, manufacturing and integration. Developing compact and light-weight designs with sufficient fatigue strength...

...was observed between 5.1 and 5.2 Hertz.In reviewing and discussing the test data, Fong’s experience in the design of airframe engine mounts as well as LMS engineering consultants’ modal testing expertise was most helpful in delivering better insight into landing gear performance. “The experimental modal...

...transport efficiency – yet the vehicle must meet design life targets of over 1.2 million kilometers. Since 20% of the design effort is spent on durability engineering, being able to get the process faster and more reliable was one reason why DAF joined the international research project, FATYNAMICS...

...process to align each facet of instrument design. By wisely investing weeks at the beginning of project planning, years can be saved in bringing complex instruments to market. References 1. Barry W Boehm, Software Engineering Economics (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1981). 2. Code of Federal...

design. Challenges of space system engineering. Space systems present engineers with the particular difficult task of developing complex systems that withstand severe environments far away from Earth, while at the same time having sensitive instruments onboard to achieve their mission. Space systems also...

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