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  • Transport and storage logistics
    Overcharging bridge 285 57, 312 circulating conveyors Umlaufbestand 163 circulation shelf 347 Umleersystem 72 envelope region 281 reversing duration 454 converting cars 218 outer packaging 72... ...reversing power of 298 envelope logistics 279 reversing means 280 looping friction 126 converting width 362...
  • Drive solutions
    Rectifier 153 motor 100 friction production 85 converters Continuous To 209 W roller installations 355 rollers 32 rolling directions 241 rolling bearings 229 product web sensor 384 product envelope point 21 application example... ...distributing devices 279 vertical conveyors 40, 303 vertical-kink...
  • Material flow technique
    The machine sets of force or formschlüsigem drive are mainly used in continuous conveyors whereat it is there generally about envelope drives. Reibschlüssige drives transmitted with aid of a traction sheave or friction drum the circumferential force kraftschlüssig to...
  • Severe plastic deformation by incremental angular splitting
    The feeder force varied between a top envelope, when the feeder was stationary and supporting the billet subjected to plastic deformation and a bottom envelope , when the fee- der was feeding the billet as a rigid body. ...similar to those recorded for I-ECAP only and result from a decreasing friction force in the...
  • Recognition of handwritten numerical characters for automatic letter sorting
    It covers the statistical distribution of the letter positions caused by the friction between two adjacent letters in the feeder . ...that they add no spurioussignal even to the lightest stroke written by HB pencil on manila envelopes .
  • Food Powders
    ...chilling, 215 spray cooling, 215 spray drying, 204 Energy requirements (communition laws), 161 Envelope filter, 262 Equipment... Failure condition, basic properties of angle of internal friction , 56 angle of wall friction, 56 cohesion, 56... Feed material structure, 172 Feed particles, density of, 192 Feeder loads, 120 Feeders for discharge control, 115...
  • Parameters calculation and structure design of pipe belt conveyer
    But in pipe belt conveyor, material is enveloped in pipe and friction between material and belt is greater than before. ...can be conveyed in the reverse direction by special device such as special feeder and tipping device.

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