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  • [Chapter 8] 8.6 System Variables That Are Arrays<
    in awk but consistent with C) and the last is An array of environment variables. Each element of the array is the value in the current environment and the index is the name of the environment variable. You can write a loop to reference all the elements of the This example also prints out the value
  • Effect of environment on wood density
    EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENT ON WOOD DENSITY AND PULPING OF FIVE PINE SPECIES GROWN IN SOUTHERN AFRICA C. R. E. Clarke, R. D. Barnes and A. R. Morris Shaw Research Centre, Sappi Forests (Pty) Ltd., PO Box 473, Howick, 3290, South Africa species growing in the Usutu forests were measured to determine
  • Precise Inputs for a Cleaner Environment
    When the sandhill cranes pass over the Platte River Valley in Nebraska this spring on their annual flight north, they'll fly over a cleaner environment. A decade has passed since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began a major clean water effort in the Corn Belt from the Platte River to the Des
  • Suppression of Transients in an Automotive Environment (.pdf)
    This application note discusses suppression of transients in the automotive environment. The circuit designer must ensure reliable circuit operation in this severe transient environment. The transients on the automobile power supply range from the severe, high energy, transients generated
  • Variable Attenuator for Lasers
    may vary based on laboratory environment and setup. conditions and the type and condition of actual components and instruments used and user skills.
  • Dielectric Withstand Testing in a Production Environment
    precautionary techniques, personal protective equipment, insulating and shielding materials, and insulating tools and test equipment. ��. Instruments for Electrical. Safety Testing . . . Since 1936. Dielectric Withstand Testing in a Production Environment. Performing a routine product safety test
  • Protecting Variable Frequency Drives
    the frequency of the signal to control the speed of the motor. Due to the action of the drive, the power quality of the electrical environment can be compromised. That is, the drives can create voltage surges and harmonics on the system. There are various technologies available that aid in correcting
  • Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems Utilizing Pneumatic Variable Compressors (.pdf)
    be maintained to provide. m. e. a comfortable and safe driving environment in the. Discharge Target. i. r. T. Evaporator Air Out. A. Temperature. vehicle. Typically, energy efficiency AC systems limit the. t. elevated temperature set point to around 10 degrees. e. hea. R. Celsius. An alternative to cycling