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  • Medical Device Link . Evaluating Environmental Stress Cracking of Medical Plastics
    -weight components of the plastic, dissolution if the chemical is a good solvent, or other changes such as variations in opacity or color. If the plastic is under stress, it may also experience environmental stress cracking, which can be defined as the crazing and cracking that may occur when a plastic
    . At this point, the industry was suddenly flooded with reports of polyethylene failure. Polyethylene was reported to be unsatisfactory for cable use, and was found to crack violently on contact with methyl alcohol at room temperature. "Environmental stress cracking " was the term used to describe
  • Medical Device Link . Environmental-Stress-Crack Resistance of Rigid Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
    of injection-molded medical devices made of RTPU. This article examines the way in which environmental-stress-crack resistance (ESCR) and processing-condition sensitivity relate to various mechanical properties of medical devices made from glassy RTPU resin. Two different grades of RTPU were chosen for the study
  • Medical Device Link .
    is lowered, high-temperature performance is diminished, and environmental stress cracking becomes more prevalent. Stress relaxation results in deformation and improper fit during product assembly and is a direct cause of a deterioration in product appearance and of ultimate product failure. Frozen-in
  • ASA
    , ketones, and some alcohols. ASA offers better resistance to environmental stress cracking than ABS. With respect to flame resistance, ASA is
  • Understanding and Using the Computed Radiography of Bridge Welds
    by environmental exposure to salt. and moisture, which accelerate oxidation and can lead to section loss and possibly fatigue cracking in welds -. reducing the bridge weight rating. Fatigue cracking is a leading cause for steel fractures, accelerated by stress. factors such as heavy traffi c
  • Designed To Beat The Heat
    for components under stress. Although plastics do not corrode like metals, they are prone to chemical attack. More importantly, they can experience environmental stress crazing and cracking (ESC). Every polymer has at least one solvent that will cause chemical reactions and molecular degradation even

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