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    , an effect that is merely accelerated by the presence of the surfactant. Interlamellar failure--the proposed rationale for environmental stress cracking in general--can be seen as a rate-dependent process. That is, given enough time at stresses below those inducing ductile failure, tie-molecule
  • Medical Device Link . Evaluating Environmental Stress Cracking of Medical Plastics
    -weight components of the plastic, dissolution if the chemical is a good solvent, or other changes such as variations in opacity or color. If the plastic is under stress, it may also experience environmental stress cracking, which can be defined as the crazing and cracking that may occur when a plastic
  • Medical Device Link . Environmental-Stress-Crack Resistance of Rigid Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
    temperature showed an apparent discrepancy between RTPU-A and RTPU-B. In the following discussion, we will investigate the effects of injection molding conditions, chemical agents, and time of exposure to those agents on ESCR performance of the two RTPU materials. Environmental stress cracking is one
  • FlexiCap TM - Reducing Mechanical Cracking on PCBs
    to failure by cracking than another. One factor does stand out, however, C0G. capacitors seldom feature in ‘cracking incidents’. A ‘bend test’ can evaluate chip strength. Figure 5 shows how chip capacitors are. soldered to a test board, which is. inverted over a pair of horizontal support. rods
  • AN0011 Solder Alloy Choice and Stress Release Cracking in Through Hole Ceramic Capacitors
    choice with respect to stress release cracking in. gold plated through hole ceramic capacitors. General soldering trials. 5. Investigation into cause of cracks. 7. Solder alloy trials. 9. Results. 10. Solder Type 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag. 10. Solder Type 60Sn/40Pb. 11. Solder Type 99.3Sn/0.7Cu. 12. Solder Type
  • Medical Device Link .
    is lowered, high-temperature performance is diminished, and environmental stress cracking becomes more prevalent. Stress relaxation results in deformation and improper fit during product assembly and is a direct cause of a deterioration in product appearance and of ultimate product failure. Frozen-in
  • Medical Device Link . Electrical Testing and Environmental Screening of Hybrid Microelectronic Devices
    medium, and the substrate, leading to mechanical stress cracking. Typical test temperature range is 55 to 150 C. Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND). PIND verifies that there is no unattached material in the internal cavity of the hybrid. This test is extremely sensitive and has a history
  • Measuring Residual Stress In Transparent Plastics
    time after emerging from the press, that machined acrylic surfaces crack, that oriented film can't be drawn without cracking, or that products discolor. These types of problems can often be traced to residual stresses or stress relaxation. Residual stresses must be evaluated at every stage

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