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  • B-stage Epoxy
    filled. EE149-6. Hybrid packaging, semiconductor flip chip. P1011-S. Polyimide chemistry, quartz crystal oscillator, stamping process. P1011. More viscous version of P1011-S, dispensing process. P1011-T. More thixotropic version of P1011, stencil/screen printing process. For other useful tips, contact
  • Strong epoxy bonds without a hitch
    or aluminum skin. To build the trailer exterior, technicians first abraded the substrates to improve adhesion, then used pneumatic dispensing guns outfitted with disposable static mixing nozzles to lay down an epoxy bead. The Araldite has an
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the 741 MD-SS MicroDot valve from EFD Inc. features an internal needle that is seated in the hub of the dispensing tip rather than the valve body. "This construction eliminates the need for a tip adapter, minimizing dead space to within the cannula itself," says technical director Bob Tourigny
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    A compact and lightweight dispensing tool is an ergonomic alternative to hand syringes and other manual dispensing devices. The HP7x eliminates hand fatigue when applying small amounts of thick assembly fluids like silicones, epoxies, and medical-grade adhesives. By using controlled air pressure
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    Product Manufacturing News. X-y-z dispensing systems A line of x-y-z systems are designed for automatic placement of adhesives in medical device manufacturing applications. Many different types of adhesives can be used, including UV adhesives, epoxies, solvents, super glues, and RTVs. The manufacturer
  • Medical Device Link .
    diagnostics and troubleshooting. Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA. Air-Free Dispensing Systems. A company offers a variety of air-free systems that can dispense light-sensitive adhesives, cyanoacrylates (CAs), epoxies, lubricants, or sealants. Traditional CA-dispensing systems that use
  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: PVA (.pdf)
    , whether it is dispensing silicones, acrylics, epoxy or urethanes. PVA gives full credit to Galil for helping achieve this flexibility. In fact, PVA calls its Galil controllers "the most flexible motion platform in the industry.". smamovsansfolios PVA. From Valves to Robots, Galil Precision
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    , epoxies, and other fluids used in electronics assembly processes. The Ultra 2400 dispensing workstation, available from EFD International Inc. (Dunstable, Beds, UK), offers simultaneous digital display of dispense time and mode, air pressure, vacuum, and shot count. Standard features include automatic

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