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  • Flooring in the food industry.
    Aspects considered include: incompatibility of epoxy based resins with wet sub-floors; major base resins used in flooring systems (polyurethane, epoxy , polyester, polymer and methyl methacrylate); properties of major base resins; variations in flooring requirements (refurbishment vs. new factory), and techniques for...
  • Flooring systems in the dairy industry.
    ...discussed with reference to: general requirements of dairy flooring systems (e.g. ease of cleaning, microbial and mechanical resistance); relative benefits and limitations of flooring systems based on epoxy resins, methyl methylacrylate (MMA... ...modified cement and other polymer -modified cements; and benefits...
  • The Scientific Basis for Designing and Building Hydraulic Structures
    Building structures at nuclear power stations have been protected by the use of radiation-resistant paint polymer coatings that can be deactivated, as well as jointless poured epoxide -rubber coatings for floors , and technologies for using rapid-setting plastic cement-sand solutions...
  • ZMSCC1993P393
    The polymers employed for these monolithic floorings are epoxy , polyester, and polyurethane resins.
  • Industrial Chemical Thesaurus
    ...C (4 mm); ref. index 1.5290 Toxicology: LD50 (subcut., mouse) 980 mg/kg; irritant; mutagen; TSCA listed Uses: Reactive amino/epoxy diluent for tooling, elec. applics, coatings, flooring , casting, laminating, and decoupage; polymer stabilizer; diluent, visc. reducer in epoxy resins for coatings, floorings...
  • Functionalized Polymeric Materials in Agriculture and the Food Industry
    For example, the use of epoxy alkyl resorcinol-based poly- mer concretes for floor coatings in production shops at food industry enterprises .
  • Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials Volume 1 and 2
    1.83.2 poise; amine no. 600; gel time 40 min (200 g); 100% solids Capcure® WR-6 [Cognis/Coatings & Inks] Chem. Descrip.: Mercaptan polymer precatalyzed Uses: Epoxy curing agent for anchoring... ...coating co-curative, and flooring patch kits Features: Reduced...