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  • Lens Holders-Image
    Lens Holders - (29 companies)
    ...holders that can be used to hold lenses with a variety of shapes and characteristics. Common lens holders include fixed lens holders, fixed lens holders with retaining rings, two-axis lens holders, universal lens holders, and self-centering lens holders... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Camera Lenses and Video Lenses-Image
    Camera Lenses and Video Lenses - (280 companies) conditions. In auto DC drive lenses, the iris is automatically adjusted via a dc signal output by the camera. There is no circuitry in the lens, just the motor driven by the DC signal. For auto video drivesthe iris is automatically adjusted via... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Lens Assemblies-Image
    Optical Lens Assemblies - (143 companies)
    Optical Lens Assemblies Information. Optical lens assemblies are composed of a number of lenses mounted for a particular imaging function. These can include telecentric lenses, collimators, beam expanders, zoom lenses, etc. Optical lens assemblies... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Zoom Lenses - (19 companies)
    Zoom Lenses Information. Zoom lenses are mechanical assemblies of lens elements that provide the ability to vary focal length and angle of view. In optical systems, shorter focal lengths provide greater optical power. In telescopy and photography... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cylindrical Lenses-Image
    Cylindrical Lenses - (136 companies)
    Cylindrical lens have at least one surface that is formed in the shape of a cylinder. Cylindrical lenses are used to correct astigmatism in the eye, and, in rangefinders, to produce astigmatism, stretching a point of light into a line. This area... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Microscope Lenses and Objectives - (62 companies)
    ...instead of video cameras. Other optical components for microscope lenses and objectives include contrast plates, cover slips, diaphragms, illuminators, mechanical stages, and mirrors. The objective lens is the microscope lens closes to the object. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fresnel Lenses - (35 companies)
    Fresnel lenses resemble a planoconvex or planoconcave lens that is cut into narrow rings and flattened. If the steps are narrow, the surface of each step is generally made conical and not spherical. How to Select Fresnel Lenses. Image credit: Knight... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gradient Index Lenses - (12 companies)
    Gradient index (GRIN) lenses focus light through a precisely controlled radial variation of the lens material's index of refraction from the optical axis to the edge of the lens. How to Select Gradient Index Lenses. Image credit: Thorlabs | Grintech... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spherical Lenses - (218 companies)
    ...10:1). Biconcave. Negative. < 5:1. Meniscus. Either; dependent upon lens. Image credit: Freewebs | Standa | Direct Industry | Play Hookey. Specifications. Wavelength Range. Spherical lenses can be designed to operate within specific ranges... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Telecentric Lenses - (20 companies)
    ...lenses, the entrance pupil is at infinity. With image-space telecentric lenses, the exit pupil is at infinity. If both the entrance pupil and the exit pupil are at infinity, then the lens is double telecentric. Specialty telecentric lenses are also... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Lens (optics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Lens. A lens. Lenses can be used to focus light.

Achromatic lens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Uses an equiconvex crown glass lens with R1=R2, and a second flint glass lens with R3=-R2. Achromatic lens From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Physics 325 Homework
4. A thin equiconvex lens (index 1.60 and radii 12.0cm) is silvered on one side.

Nikon | News | Nikon Introduces Reading Magnifiers S1, L1 and...
Acrylic (PMMA) lens Lens form Equiconvex aspherical lens Equiconvex aspherical lens Equiconvex aspherical lens

Nikon | Sport Optics | Loupes Specification Comparison Chart
Lens form Equiconvex aspherical lens -

From: Steve Scott and Jinseok Ko To: MSE Enthusiasts Re: MSE...
4.5 (for q = -1: plano-convex) fo f 2 o fo - f h2 = 1.67 (for q = 0: equiconvex) fo f 2 o fo - f h2 = 1.17 (for q = 1: convex-plano) (4) fo f 2 o
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Convex Lens
If both surfaces have the same radius of curvature, the lens is known as an equiconvex biconvex. Convex Lens by Matt Williams on December 18, 2010

Cataract Surgery Lenses - Cataract Lenses and Foldable...
MUTIPIECE LENS-IN THE BAG MMC 6523 Equiconvex Intraocular Lens Neoflex EXCELENS - Single piece (PHACO PROFILE )
See IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. Information

Shreeji Pharma
Equiconvex Equiconvex Equiconvex Equiconvex LENS DETAIS Catra Lens PMMA Single piece posterior chamber/anterior chamber iol

lens - definition of lens in the Medical dictionary - by the...
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