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  • MICRO: Critical Materials
    , SEMI has proposed that some of the more critical chemicals should have 10-ppt purity levels. One method for performing trace-metal analysis involves the use of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Over the last 10 years, Merck Electronic Chemicals (Darmstadt, Germany) has acquired 10
  • MICRO: Critical Materials Delivery
    Robert M. Woods, T. Paul Adl, and Terrence C. Leslie, In advanced semiconductor fabrication, large volumes of ultra-high-purity chemicals are delivered to automated wafer-processing tools. While it is critical to verify chemical integrity, it is difficult to take samples in fabs because
  • Hermetic Feedthroughs Safeguard Mission-Critical Electronics
    From automotive electronic control units to weather satellites and defense systems, electronics failures can bring communications and critical functions to a sudden halt. Experts specializing in electronics failure analysis can list a host of reasons for various malfunctions, but one of the most
  • MICRO: Critical Materials Analysis
    Joseph T. Hodges and Gregory E. Scace, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Surface-adsorbed water and water vapor in gas streams can be important contaminants in the ultraclean gas-handling environments required for semiconductor manufacturing. In applications in which high-purity
  • Critical Data Power System Cost of Ownership
    that the supporting critical power infrastructure should be distributed as well. A real world analysis of Total Cost of Ownership shows that, from a number of different perspectives, a centralized power solution is often the most cost effective approach while offering the added benefits of increased reliability
  • Hydrocarbon Is A Critical Consideration For Pipeline Operations (.pdf)
    Hydrocarbon Dew Point is becoming a critical tariff parameter but it has always been a vital operational parameter for the pipeline industry. Measuring it must be done properly or serious errors can jeopardize tariff compliance resulting in shut-ins. If liquids are present in the pipeline, they can
  • Operating Turbomachinery on or Near the Second Critical Speed in Accordance with API Specifications (.pdf)
    The question of when is it safe to operate turbomachinery on or near the second critical speed is addressed. A parallel evolutionary progression of the API rotordynamic specifications and rotordynamics analysis capabilities is discussed.
  • Survey of Software Failsafe Techniques for Safety-Critical Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    A requirement of many modern safety-critical automotive applications is to provide failsafe operation. Several analysis methods are available to help confirm that automotive safety-critical systems are designed properly and operate as intended to prevent potential hazards from occurring
  • Ultrasonics Beats Optical Methods for Measuring Some Critical Attributes
    of ensuring final product quality. The key to the success of PAT is applying the process monitoring tools needed to carry out on-line analysis of each of the critical product attributes. Process analysis has advanced significantly during the past several decades, due to an increasing appreciation
  • Ultrasonics Beats Optical Methods for Measuring Some Critical Attributes
    : at temperatures between ?60 to 120Â C, and under pressure up to 15 bars. This dynamic flexibility of the analysis is critical for on-line process monitoring in drug production. Some advantages of the HR-US technique in comparison with standard spectroscopy methods include: . This quick, one-time registration

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