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  • Safety Pays
    A major oilfield services company and its customers were losing time and money due to unexpected safety shut downs. These shut downs resulted from repeated failures of the rotary unions the company was using in their coil tubing applications. Each time a rotary union failed, it allowed pressure
  • Machine Safety Design: Safety Relays Versus a Single Safety Controller (.pdf)
    There comes a point in machine safety design when the designer needs to decide if it makes more sense to use multiple safety relays or to upgrade to a safety controller. This point typically occurs when the application requires three or more safety relays. This white paper focuses on some
  • Pressure Mat Safety Distances
    In the installation of safety pressure mats, one must consider the same principles of safety distances that apply for safety light curtains. Safety Mat Safety Distances Technical Article: Pressure Mat Safety Distances. When designing machine safeguarding, one must consider approach speed
  • Safety Light Screens Tutorial
    Welcome to the tutorial on "Safety Light Screens," where you'll learn about the use of optical technology in machine safeguarding, especially the most common optical safety system, the safety light screen. You might be interested in this tutorial if you: * Want to learn about safety light screens
  • Bolts for Safety Guards
    According to EN 292-2 movable safety guards must be equipped with an interlocking device, with or without guard locking. Here it must be ensured that - dangerous machine functions are stopped as soon as the safety guard is no longer in the closed position - dangerous machine functions
  • Safety Matters: Best in Class
    Employee safety compliance is a blend of hard physical restraints or barriers and a desire to follow a set of safety behaviors. But, compliance is interpreted by most as meeting the bare minimums. And, if employees donâ t choose to accept or behave in the role â anotherâ has found for them
  • Safety Standards UL1950 & EN60950
    For the majority of DC/DC converter applications. in the telecommunications and. datacommunications equipment, the applicable. safety standards are UL1950 (and its. Canadian equivalent C22.2 No. 950-95) for. North America and EN60950 for Europe. Both are titled «Standards for Safety of. Information
  • Machine Safety Basics Tutorial
    Welcome to "Machine Safeguarding Basics," a tutorial in which you'll learn the fundamental concepts about safeguarding potentially hazardous machine operation. You'll be interested in this tutorial if: * You want to learn more about machine safety. * You need to come into compliance in your plant