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  • Making Sense of the Major Changes in RoHS for Medical Devices and Monitoring & Control Equipment
    . • Smoke detectors. • Semiconductor parameter testers. • Signal generators. • Spectrum analyzers. • Surveying instruments
  • Damping Grease - An Economical Approach to Motion & Noise Control (.pdf)
    that rely on synthetic hydrocarbon damp-. discovered that the gears weren’t making the noise, it was the. ing greases include outdoor recreation equipment, laser con-. motor, straining to overcome the high shear resistance of the. trols, surveying instruments, stepper motors, hospital beds,. coin-return
  • A Study in Machinery Failure Detection
      between  troubleshooting  and  traditional  surveying  techniques  are  clear.    Both . instruments  and  methods  measure  vibration  and  facilitate  analysis  of  the  recorded  data.    Both . approaches  apply  the  same  concept  of  accurately  measuring  machinery  vibration,  deriving  some
  • Novel Approach Yields Fast, Clean Synthesizers (.pdf)
    . ICATION. S. Issue. Issue. News Report. Design Feature. Product Technology. Product Technology. Keeping track of emerging. Determine the range of. Surveying ADCs and DACs. communications technologies. wireless sensors. For Communications. p. 101. VIEW ENGINEERING TV AT ENGINEERINGTV.COM. C L E A N
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative is surveying the electronics industry to gauge the current adoption rate of boundary scan and identify any impediments to widespread use. VC Doerr named to Obama's Economic Recovery Board Well-known venture capitalist John Doerr was among 15 U.S. business
  • Hubble Finds Most of Visible Light in the Universe
    , it is important to account for it. Vogeley's work indicates that most of the visible light filling the universe comes from galaxies like those in the Hubble Deep Field and not from still fainter galaxies.". "This is an important advance in surveying the contents of our universe," says James E. Peebles
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and thermally cycle fluids without the use of on-board sensors (Rolfe Anderson, Affymetrix, Santa Clara, CA). Such achievements are unquestionably impressive. Surveying the field for his keynote address at the Oak Ridge Conference, Larry Kricka (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) suggested
  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Pharmaceuticals in Water
    . Resolving power. 25,000 at m/z 922. Accuracy. < 2 ppm. 2. Results and Discussion. Accurate mass databases can then be used to identify the. features extracted from water samples using accurate mass. Surveying water samples for pharmaceuticals. and retention time. For example, an Agilent database