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  • Smart Computing Article - Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) to emergency repair diskette (ERD)
    Quicken's check writing interface mimics an actual written check. This type of design is one element of EPSS. Such interfaces require little or no training to use because they emulate an already familiar process. Computer software that directly helps employees perform tasks. The goals of an EPSS are
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    deliver holding forces to 5,000 lb with low backlash. A clamping collar applies a 360 holding force around the cylinder rod. Models are CE-marked and RoHS-compliant. Nexen Group. 651/484-5900. Variable Stroke Actuator. ERD electric rod-style actuator has ball screws and two stainless
  • Reducing leakage through effective flow measurement
    . Underground supply pipe leakage. 1,246. 4,000. 1,295. 3,989. 1,230. 3,551. 3,605. 3,649. 3,608. 3,576. 3,414. 3,418. 1,034. 3,306. 3,243. 3,288. 3,291. 3,281. a. y. 3,000. 934. e. r. d. 875. 878. 888. 1,000. 1,024. 1,024. 966. 873. 823. 798. 787. a. l. i. t. r. e. s. p. 3,866. 2,000. 3,685. e. g. 3,274. M
  • 10GbE Fiber
    The "best practice" to assure your installation will perform at the 10GbE level, is a systems. approach. What this means, is that you should assure that all of the materials used, such as cable, connectors, distribution enclosures, adapter plates, and optical patch cords all adhere to the same
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cable (.ppt)
    While halogens used in common cabling materials, such as chlorine in PVC or fluorine in PTFE, are stable under most conditions, they present serious health hazards when burned. A halogen-containing plastic can release hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, and other dangerous gases when burned. When