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  • Optical Bit Error Rate - Preface
    . and the optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR). It clarifies the meaning of errored bits. and defines bit error ratio and rate, and optical bit error rate (OBER). It discusses. noise sources at the receiver, it provides a probabilistic and statistical analysis of errored. bits, and links BER with SNR
  • Remove Operator Error - Automated 100% Inline Inspection
    with a digital gauge but variance caused by operator error was too great. Therefore automation was essential but accurate and repeatable 100% measurement of this rubber part had proved impossible until SMAC moving coil actuators were chosen as a solution: 'We explained the SMAC's inherent combination of force
  • Pick-to-Light System Error-Proofs Automotive Parts Assembly
    and demonstrate dramatic improvements in quality control to obtain a new project contract. They selected Omron to design and install a poka-yoke system based on pick-to-light sensors. The popular Japanese mistake-proofing method called "poka-yoke" gives an assembler the opportunity to correct an error
  • Automotive Industry Case Study: Final Assembly Error Proofing (.pdf)
    A major automotive company must ensure all exterior components and their markings are accurately installed on finished vehicles. The company switches from a human based inspection system to machine vision to ensure that components match symmetrically on both sides of the vehicle, saving hundreds
  • Piecewise Linear Interpolation on PIC12/14/16 Series Microcontrollers
    has many advantages in faster execution speed using a simple look-up table and significantly reduced program memory and RAM requirements. However, this technique can introduce a considerable error component with certain transfer functions. Therefore, the design engineer needs to understand
  • Using Rad Hard Voltage References for Precision Signal Paths
    When selecting a component in the signal path of a satellite system, it is often difficult to find a device with the radiation tolerance and the accuracy required. The main causes of error to the integrity of the signal chain can be divided into two categories: inaccuracies due to noise
  • Preface
    realized there was a set of generic equations based on first principles that pointed to the problems and opportunities for a wide variety of temperature applications. At the same time, I realized that the measurement error often exceeded the control error and that the user often was unaware
  • Vantage Point: The Hidden Cost of Standard Parts
    the engineer begins a trial-and-error process of redesigning subassemblies, changing and relocating components, modifying circuits, and so on. And changes to one subassembly inevitably affects others. Eventually the engineer will build a workable prototype. But is this the most efficient use of time

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