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  • Code Design for Dependable Systems - Preface
    and in some cases a mixture of both bit and byte errors. The. latter are typical errors found in large capacity semiconductor memory systems using. high-density RAM chips. Chapter 4 discusses bit error control codes, such as the modified. Hamming single-bit error correcting and double-bit error detecting
  • Medical Device Link . Portable Data Carriers Add Function and Convenience to Medical Instruments
    real problem for any portable data application. In most cases, the application designer can incorporate special information sequences in the data, known as error-detecting and error-correcting codes, that allow the instruments to determine whether the data they are reading are valid. In some cases
  • SDARS-Antenna-Diversity-Schemes for a better Radio-Link in Vehicles (.pdf)
    correcting codes by principle are applied in any. REQUIRED SWITCHING CYCLES IN RELATION. digital communication system but due a different charac-. ter cannot be a substitute for the satellite-and-terrestrial-. TO THE DRIVEN DISTANCE. channel-diversity and antenna-diversity as well. The basic principle
  • Medical Device Link . Risk Management in Medical Device Design
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Early and continuous evaluation of a product's hazard potential increases the likelihood of correcting these faults and producing a device with a low probability of causing harm. An overall risk management process involves the essential steps in Figure 1
  • 12. Full-Featured Applications
    for each misspelled word. One reason this procedure is short is because the central action - correcting a misspelled word - is handled by two larger user-defined functions, which we'll see in the last section.# main procedure, executed for each line in wordlist. # Purpose is to show misspelled word
  • Stepper Position Maintenance Mode (.pdf)
    ;. 'CORRECTION MOVE. MCX. JP#LOOP;. 'KEEP CORRECTING UNTIL ERROR IS WITHIN. 'TOLERANCE. #END;. 'END #CORRECT, RETURN TO CODE. SPX=spx. EN. For more information on Stepper Position Maintenance please contact a Galil. Applications Engineer. For more information on step motor performance, please see
  • Medical Device Link .
    , airborne contaminants, or misalignment. The device is impervious to toxic and corrosive atmospheres and temperature and humidity extremes. With self-correcting circuitry, it can work for years without significant adjustment or recalibration. Self-diagnostic capability enables the analyzer to warn the user
  • Medical Device Link . Converting Clinical Data Management Systems: The Year 2000 Challenge
    , but may require greater maintenance costs. The harder solutions may take longer to implement, but may last longer without additional maintenance. There are three basic approaches to correcting the year 2000 date-field problem: Fix the data, fix the code, or do a combination of the two. Whatever

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