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  • ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices
    . aluminum plate on the laboratory floor. This plate is connected to. Table 2. ESD Component Sensitivity Classifications. earth ground. The discharge return cable of the ESD generator is. for CDM ESD Testing. connected to this ground reference plane. Oscilloscope. Device Test. Three samples
  • IEC 1000-4-2 ESD Immunity and Transient Current Capability for the SP72X Series Protection Arrays (.pdf)
    of the SP720 and. 60ns. t. SP721 and meets the Level 4 requirements of the IEC. R = 0.7 TO 1ns. 1000-4-2 HBM standard. FIGURE 2. TYPICAL WAVEFORM OF THE OUTPUT. CURRENT OF THE HBM ESD GENERATOR AS. SPECIFIED IN THE IEC 1000-4-2 STANDARD. 10-61. 1-800-999-9445 or 1-847-824-1188 | Copyright © Littelfuse
  • Capitance and Signal Integrity (.pdf)
    . define the circuit and signals that will be. tion of providing ESD protection to. Lastly, the resistor (Rload) represents the. evaluated. The test circuit is similar to the. electronic devices (cell phones, computers,. circuitry of the electronic device. previous figure. A signal generator is used. PDA
  • Medical Device Link . EMI Testing in Medical Electronics
    requiring anechoic tiles to minimize standing wave patterns. A signal generator creates modulated waves in the appropriate frequency range to feed an amplifier, and antennae provide the necessary field. A means of measuring the field strength is needed as well. The electrostatic discharge (ESD) test
  • IEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards for Industrial Process Measurement and Control Equipment (.pdf)
    . CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ESD GENERATOR. INDICATED. FIRST PEAK CURRENT OF. RISE TIME WITH. CURRENT AT. CURRENT AT. LEVEL. VOLTAGE. DISCHARGE (±10%). DISCHARGE SWITCH. 30ns (±30%). 60ns (±30%). 1. k. 2 V. 5. . 7 A. . 0. n. 1. o. t. 7. s. A. 4. A. 2. 2. 4kV. 5. 1 A. o. t. 7. . 0. 1. s. n. 8A. A. 4. 3. k. 6 V
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of EMC Regulations on Medical Device Design
    (ESD), radio-frequency interference (RFI), and a variety of power disturbances, are based on IEC 60601-1-2, which, in turn, cites the basic IEC 61000 4 series standards for immunity levels and test requirements.4 (The IEC 801 and the IEC 1000 series have been superseded.) ESD. IEC 61000-4-2
  • Medical Device Link .
    . For contact discharges, the discharge electrode tip must touch the EUT before the discharge switch is operated. For air discharges, the round tip of the electrode must approach the EUT as quickly as possible without causing mechanical damage. After each discharge, the ESD generator must be removed
  • Using the RULER technology
    . Solutions : once the diagnostic and CM has identified the Root Cause of your. equipment problems, Fluitec offers a wide range of Contamination Control. technologies resulting in optimum economical lubricant life (ESD reduction filters, or. ESP process for soluble varnish removal.). Visitez aussi