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  • ESD Protection for HDMI 1.3
    over-voltage stresses caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge) or CDE (cable discharge events). This is because the designated IC becomes more sensitive to the transient threats as the technology advances. As a result, HDMI designs often include additional transient protection to ensure the IC's
  • General Purpose ESD Protection (.pdf)
    " transient protection with signal bandwidth less than 125 Mbps. Externally generated ESD pulses are introduced into the I/O port and travel through the connector onto system board. Once on the board, they will propagate down the signal lines toward the integrated circuits (IC). Most ICs are designed
  • ESD and Transient Protection using the SP720 (.pdf)
    This application note discusses ESD and transient protection using the SP720. For a given level of voltage or power, there is a defined degree of protection compatible to that need. For the SP720, the protection circuits are designed to clamp over-voltage within a range of peak current
  • AN3007: ESD/EOS Protection for GaAs MMIC Switches
    Increasing ESD protection of GaAs devices in various applications is critical to long term reliability of the final products. This application note explains how a simple two device circuit delivers protection levels of 8KV contact discharge and 15KV air discharge. The circuit components are both
  • ESD Suppression Technologies (.pdf)
    Integrated circuits (IC's) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC's) are manufactured with various levels of ESD protection incorporated into the silicon die itself.This protection circuitry is designed onto the chip to maximize yields in the chip foundry and in the board manufacturing
  • Selecting an ESD Suppressor (.pdf)
    protection. This information can then be used to compare the circuit conditions to the ESD suppressor characteristics to find the best "match". To help with the "matching" process, a suppressor characteristic table is included below, and a selection flowchart can be found on the next page.
  • ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices
    Skyworks conducts ESD testing at both the device and system. levels. These tests are based on the requirements outlined in: ? ESD Association 2.0 Handbook. - Human Body Model (HBM). - Charged Device Model (CDM). ? IEC 61000-4-2 International Standard: Testing and. Measurement Techniques
  • IEC 1000-4-2 ESD Immunity and Transient Current Capability for the SP72X Series Protection Arrays (.pdf)
    The SP720, SP721, SP723, and SP724 are protection ICs with an array of SCR/Diode bipolar structures for ESD and over-voltage protection of sensitive input circuits. They have 2 protection SCR/Diode device structures per input. The SP720 is supplied in 16 lead DIP and SOIC packages and has a total

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