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  • Motion Control Over The Ethernet
    with Ethernet ports and NMAC software which offers a completely digital,
  • Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet Solutions
    and DCSs equipped with Ethernet ports running Ethernet-based protocols such as ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus/TCP became available, industrial Ethernet switches became an important factor in pushing the entire market to using industrial Ethernet.
  • ESD Protection Ethernet Data Lines
    Ethernet products (PCI adapter cards, hubs/routers, etc.) can be susceptible to ESD events when the cable is disconnected from the Ethernet port. The ESD pulse can be introduced directly into the open port, or into the disconnected end of the cable. Either way, the integrated circuitry
  • The Difference Between Ethernet Hubs and Managed Switches
    All Ethernet hubs and switches are basically designed to facilitate the interconnection of multiple devices on an Ethernet network. They typically offer three or more Ethernet ports to allow connection to Ethernet devices such as computers, controllers, RTUs, I/O, other hubs/switches, etc
  • Ethernet switches
    . It uses this comparison to send the data packet only to the right port. also eliminate the unpredictable timing delays inherent in hubs when they send Ethernet traffic to their ports. There are two main kinds of : managed and unmanaged. Both do basic switching, but managed switches also perform
  • Ethernet Switches for Spider Systems
    A Spider system with multiple modules uses PTP to synchronize the internal clocks of each module over. the Ethernet network so that all input channels can be accurately phase-matched. Each module is. connected to a central switch that routes messages from each connected module through its ports
  • N-TRON 500 Series Switches in EtherNet I/P Environments (.pdf)
    detection. These new features allow for the automatic detection of bidirectional router ports needed for the seamless formation of IGMP groups in EtherNet/IP TM environments. This will greatly reduce or eliminate the switch configuration requirements for most Ethernet control networks, dramatically
  • Computer Power User Article - GIGABYTE GA-K8NNXP-940
    Ethernet ports, and a windows-based overclocking program. As with the ASUS SK8N, the GA-K8NNXP-940 boasts an NVIDIA nForce3 chip, but GIGABYTE chose the standard nForce3 chip instead of the nForce3 Pro that graces the SK8N. The board's audio codec, Realtek's ALC658 (Pro AC'97 2.3), supports some features