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  • N-TRON 500 Series Switches in EtherNet I/P Environments (.pdf)
    detection. These new features allow for the automatic detection of bidirectional router ports needed for the seamless formation of IGMP groups in EtherNet/IP TM environments. This will greatly reduce or eliminate the switch configuration requirements for most Ethernet control networks, dramatically
  • Internet access to the factory floor
    network such as the Internet. Adding a gateway address to the controller's Ethernet communication settings lets it send and receive IP messages that originate outside the local area network. This gateway address is typically assigned to an Ethernet router. Routers direct or route IP traffic
  • Smart Computing Article - Create A Hybrid Network
    Add A Pinch Of Wireless In most instances, your existing wired network consists of two or more computers networked with Ethernet patch cable and some form of central connecting device, such as a hub, router, or switch. If you re sharing your Internet connection, then you likely have another length
  • Smart Computing Article - Getting Wired & Going Wild
    adapters by looking for an RJ-45 Ethernet port on the back of each system you d like to network. If one of your computers doesn t have an Ethernet port and you have an available expansion slot in your computer, you can purchase a network adapter for about $20. The hub, router, or switch is the center
  • Wired 11.50: Power Tools
    upgrades once g gets ratified later this year. That said, gimme-gimme folks already have a raft of zippy routers to choose from. Apple Airport Extreme Base Station D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DI-624 Wireless Router Belkin 54g Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router One of the joys of online gaming is crushing
  • Smart Computing Article - Network On The Cheap
    with 10/100 Ethernet NICs preinstalled. Ethernet patch cables have identically wired plugs. Ethernet cables are commonly referred to as being either patch cables or crossover cables. An Ethernet patch cable, or straight-through cable, is what you typically use to connect your computer to a router, cable
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- DSL Modems
    Common DSL modem problems include no downloads, slow downloads, or downloads that blaze one second then crawl the next. Blinking lights on the modem, strange errors with cryptic codes, loose cables, and router problems can mess things up, too. (A router is a device that sits between your DSL modem
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Network Interface Cards
    , you can identify it by looking for an Ethernet port, which looks like an oversized phone jack and has lights above or below it that flash to indicate network activity. An Ethernet cable attaches to the jack, and then the other end of the cable attaches to a broadband modem or to a router (also

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