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Parts by Number for Ethylene Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
35-717 Global Industrial Comstar International Inc Not Provided Frost Free - Corrosion Inhibitor, 100% Ethylene Glycol 5 Gallons
35-716 Global Industrial Comstar International Inc Not Provided Frost Free - Corrosion Inhibitor, 100% Ethylene Glycol 1 Gallon
TYZ528M Newark / element14 THOMAS & BETTS Not Provided THOMAS & BETTS - TYZ528M - CABLE TIE 50LB 14-INCH AQUA ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) 2-PC
TYZ527M Newark / element14 THOMAS & BETTS Not Provided THOMAS & BETTS - TYZ527M - CABLE TIE 120LB 13-INCH AQUA ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) 2-P
M4254 BR005 Allied Electronics, Inc. ALPHA WIRE Not Provided CABLE, COAXIAL; 30 AWG; 7/38; 0.142 IN.; FLUORINATED ETHYLENE-PROPYLENE;PTFE
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  • Specific Ethylene Oxide Analyzer
    HNU Systems, Inc. introduced its first ETO Analyzer (Model 301D), in 1984 for area monitoring of toxic gases including ethylene oxide in hospitals and at medical device manufacturers where smaller area monitoring systems were needed. More than 300 of these systems were sold. As a result
  • Technical Insights into Uninhibited Ethylene Glycol (.pdf)
    Uninhibited ethylene glycol has been a popular heat transfer fluid choice in chillers for many years because of its initial low cost and excellent freeze and heat protection over a wide temperature range. It also has good heat transfer capabilities and low conductivity, not to mention
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)
    Ethylene propylene (EPDM) offers good resistance to sunlight, weathering, and ozone. It has poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel. EPDM provides good heat and compression set resistance. Suggested operating temperature for EPDM is (-70° to 275° F). Trade names include Nordel® (Dupont Dow
  • pH Control in Ethylene Quenching
    In the production of olefins, naphtha or natural gas feedstock is steam cracked at high temperatures in a cracking furnace. This sets off a variety of reactions which are brought to a halt by quenching the produced gas mixture with water. The mixture, containing approximately 38 % ethylene
  • De-coking of Ethylene Crackers
    Committed to staying on the cutting edge of sensor technology, Detcon continues focusing its. efforts on perfecting its state-of-the-art MOS H2S sensor. De-Coking Tech Bulletin.pdf Tech Bulletin #12.01.04. ISO 9001. detcon inc. C e r t i f i e d. De-coking of Ethylene Crackers. Every 30-35
  • Effect of surface phosphorus on the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene
    Scientists from Accelrys, Akzo-Nobel, and Sandia National Laboratories, have used the DFT code DMol to carry out an extensive investigation of the full oxidative dehydrogenation cycle of ethane to ethylene on a SiO The results obtained from the simulations will enable a better understanding
  • Bonding in Poly(ethylene-oxide)-Water Systems
    Centro de Quimica IVIC, Venezuela Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Researchers at IVIC-Venezuela, Kraft Foods, USA, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, have used computational techniques to investigate the bonding in poly(ethylene-oxide) - water systems, an important component
  • Protecting Ethylene Process Facilities: A Review of Gas Detection Methods
    Driven largely by increased global shale gas production, North American ethylene producers have become more profitable, with cost. positions that approach those of the Middle East's lowest cost producers. As ethane prices have decreased relative to that of naphtha. within the last ten years

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