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  • CR4 - Thread: Prototype Hinge/Lifting Mechanism
    This is similar to the way that european kitchen cabinet hinges work, they use a lever system to create a virtual pivot point in front of the door so that it moves forward as it opens.
  • Sell 45mm Ball Bearing Slide
    • Features: 1) Designed to match wooden follower strip, 1/2" to 5/8" thick 2) For European concealed hinges allowing for tight door-to- cabinet tolerance 3) Recommended for 3/4" thick door, full-overlay hinge 4) Pivot roller is recommended for vert...
  • Shopping In Screw & Nut Drivers - Big Bruin
    … top and artistic vessel for single hole faucets complements this vanity set, part of the critically-acclaimed Roxy collection, featuring solid American birch wood and veneer construction, a large cabinet with soft-close doors, upscale, European -style hinges and a knockout backboard …
  • First Look: Stone Surface, Sheetrock, Screws, and more | Remodeling | Remodeling, Products, Doors, Panels, Cabinets, Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Finishes and Sur...
    Woodworkers will like the European -style hinge and plate for 3/8-inch overlay doors from Salice when updating existing cabinetry or building new Euro-style cabinets .
  • European Afghan troop boost waits on Obama
    The UK government's growing campaign to persuade its European allies to boost their commitment in Afghanistan by 5,000 troops hinges on increased US deployments, NATO and UK defence officials have said. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and members of his cabinet launched a heightened diplomatic effort last week to …
  • Institutional Fleecing: The Slow Death of Dutch Provinces
    At the end of the purple cabinet , being a coalition of conservative liberals and socialists, the commissioners … From that cornerstone in the European and Dutch society, the province has indeed become, what some scholars call, the rusty hinge between national government and municipalities.
  • Cabinetry for the Kitchen and Bath | Remodeling | Cabinets, Kitchen, Doors, Remodeling, Finishes and Surfaces, Additions, Dennis Gehman
    A complete line of stainless steel cabinets lets customers add functionality and good looks to their kitchens … Hinge holes are pre-drilled for 35mm European -style hinges; holes for hardware can be pre-drilled to meet any size specified.
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    … British economic power was hoped to be slowly on the mend, its recovery hinged on large-scale … By the winter of 1946-1947, however, the continued gap between income and expenditures meant more drastic cuts would be necessary and affect Britain's role in European politics.8 47 After sharp debate in the British Cabinet that winter, plans were announced …
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