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Parts by Number for EV Kit Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ICM 7233 EV-KIT National Microchip INTERSIL Not Provided Not Provided
EV-405EP-KIT-01 National Microchip AMCC Not Provided Not Provided
EV-440EPX-KIT-01 ASAP Semiconductor APPLIEDMICRO Not Provided Not Provided
MAXQ3183-KIT Digi-Key Maxim Integrated Programmers, Development Systems KIT EV REFRNC DSIGN FOR MAXQ3183
MAXQ3180-KIT Digi-Key Maxim Integrated Programmers, Development Systems KIT EV REFRNC DSIGN FOR MAXQ3180
MAXQ314-KIT Digi-Key Maxim Integrated Programmers, Development Systems KIT EV REFRNCE DSIGN FOR MAXQ314
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  • Designing a Transponder Coil for the HCS410
    as shown in the table. core outside diameter if core. below. is used. Color. Meaning. Green. User input. The default values correspond to. Ferrite Core Usage. the HCS410 EV kit transponder coil. The next step is to decide if a ferrite core (also called a. Red. Output. ferrite slug) is going
  • Variable Attenuator for Lasers
    to the optical axis. The electric field of a linearly. E. such as the RM-25 or the RSP-1T. polarized light impinging on a wave-plate can be. decomposed into two components parallel and. 0.55. ). s. perpendicular to the optical axis (Fig. 2). The component. e. v. 7˚ A0I. a. that is parallel to the optical axis
  • Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics Solutions
    address to 0. PMADDR = 0x0000;. // Open the desired DMA channel. DmaChnOpen(1, 0, DMA_OPEN_DEFAULT);. // Set the transfer event control: what event is to start the DMA transfer. DmaChnSetEventControl(1, DMA_EV_START_IRQ(_TIMER_2_IRQ));. // Set the transfer parameters: source & destination address
  • S-Cube TM: Generic Controller for Active Acoustics (.pdf)
    acoustics. ./555aee73-6662-4bee-bcb5-ed18f220878f Activities in Adaptronics. Newsletter of ECAS e. V. S-Cube™: Generic controller for active acoustics. Mechanical Design. Examples of ANC based products with. Silentium’s active acoustic solution. The next stage mostly involves mechanical work; meaning
  • Medical Device Link .
    , " Skin Pharmacol. Physiol., 19, 106 -121 (2006). Dr David Hradetzky is Head of the Micromedical Technology Group at HSG-IMIT, Insititut f ur Mikro- und Informationstechnik der Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft eV, Wilhelm-Schickard Strasse 10, D-78052 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, tel. +49 7721 943 192
  • Medical Device Link .
    member at B. Braun Melsungen for seven years and a member of BVMed 's board since the beginning of 2006. He succeeds Anton J. Schmidt, who has withdrawn from the board because of a change in career. For more information, contact Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V., Reinhardtstr. 29b, 10117 Berlin
  • Interface Solutions for Planar's EL Displays
    ). Converts analog VGA or DVI video into flat panel digital video. Earth LCD CNT-EV-AD2 (supports FA3). Converts analog VGA video into flat panel digital video. Octagon 5420 (supports 1, 2, 4, and 8 bit
  • UVC Keeps Out Unwanted Condo Resident: Mold (.pdf)
    technology, but it isn’t a cure-all for ev-. ported, “We retrofi tted every suite in the two towers with UVC, ex-. ery single problem in an air conditioning system, especially with. cept for the units that had already been equipped with the lights dur-. older equipment. An independent evaluation