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  • Rotary Evaporators
    Rotary evaporators (also called "rotavaps") are used to remove solvents from reaction mixtures and can accommodate volumes as large as three liters. They are found in almost every organic laboratory. A typical rotary evaporator has a heatable water bath to keep the solvent from freezing during
  • The World's Largest Thin Film Short Path Evaporator
    analysis as the client visited every major evaporator workshop in the world. Our client maintains strict controls over technical disclosure. What we can tell you is that these two World 's Largest Thin Film Evaporators: Are installed in a process where a competitor 's Thin Film Evaporators have failed
  • Flow Induced Noise Emanating from Evaporator Tube Plates (.pdf)
    from Evaporator Tube Plates. Sunil S. Mehendale. Delphi Thermal Systems. David C. Adams and Norman R. Miller. Creative Thermal Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2007 SAE International. ABSTRACT. out prior to the work described in this paper, which. specifically addresses tonal noise in evaporators
  • Caravan Ingredients Uses Artisan Evaporator/Stripper TM to Improve Monoglyceride Production (.pd)
    Ingredients Uses Artisan Evaporator/Stripper™ to Improve. Monoglyceride Production. Caravan Ingredients (formerly American Ingredients), a leading supplier of food emulsifiers,. was using vertical wiped-film evaporators to recover monoglyceride. The process required. recycle during startup to achieve
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency Improvement for GaAs Fab Evaporators
    This paper reviews how six sigma methodology principles and total preventive maintenance (TPM) drains analysis have been utilized to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) on the metal deposition operation in our GaAs wafer fab.
  • Brazing Two Aluminum Pipes to an Aluminum Evaporator Core (.pdf)
    The customer is currently using a flame process which can burn away the thin flange at the joint area and create scrap parts. By switching to induction for this application the customer is decreasing their scrap parts and also increasing their quality and production rate.
  • Accurate Temperature Control for the Separation of Solvents from Liquid Samples (.pdf)
    been time consuming and requires evaporator apparatus, e.g., rotary evaporators along with highly precise temperature control to ensure that the separated solvent is in fact the component of interest. A wide range of heated and cooled Thermo Scientific water baths and chillers are available
  • The Missing Piece: Utilizing Evaporation Technology to Dewater RO Reject Wastewater (.pdf)
    can be. expected with high TDS applications for. ENCON thermal evaporators. Evaporator concentration endpoints. Figure 2: ENCON MVC. tend to correspond closely with. Evaporator. saturation concentrations of the various. salts at the referenced temperatures. Many sodium and potassium salts