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    that the scrubber package installed at your facility meets these requirements, you. must monitor the exhaust outlet of the system at all times. Wet Scrubbers. Wet Scrubbers describe a variety of devices that remove H2S from a digester or from other gas streams. In a wet scrubber,. the polluted gas
  • Designing Safe, Low-cost Vacuum and Exhaust Gas Management Systems for Semiconductor Processes (.pdf)
    Vacuum and exhaust gas management are critical components of semiconductor manufacturing. While these systems are usually hidden away out of sight-and out of mind-in the process tool or the sub fab, they are vital to efficient and safe manufacturing. Vacuum systems remove potentially hazardous
  • F-105 Wet Scrubbers Installed at Semiconductor Wafer Fab in Singapore
    to treat acidic process exhaust. CSP also required that each scrubber be supplied with an energy efficient exhaust fan. After thorough analysis of equipment features and benefits, CSP selected Duall model F105 scrubbers complete with redundant recycle pumps and Duall NH fans. All equipment
  • Packed Tower Scrubbers for HCN emissions (.pdf)
    . Application. HCN Removal. Mining Operation. allowed the wastewater volume to be reduced by over. 95%. Exhaust Volume . Liquid: 964 gpm. Gas: 103,000 ACFM. Exhaust Temperature . 180oF. Exhaust Pressure . Ambient. Product Literature: (click on links to take you to the literature). Contaminant . HCN. Verantis
  • Ionizing Wet Scrubber (IWS) Removes Both Acid Gas and Submicron Particulate (.pdf)
    ™ also has a very low pressure drop. 2. Exhaust Temperature . 147°F saturated. compared to other traditional wet particulate scrubbers. such as venturi systems and can be easily retrofitted to. Exhaust Pressure . 3.0” W.C. ( <1.0 per stage). existing equipment trains. Pilot equipment is available
  • Scrubber Systems and Exhaust Hoods Utilize Corzan TM CPVC Construction for Corrosive, High Temperature Processes
    OSRAM-Sylvania Corporation has lighting manufacturing facilities in both Versailles, Kentucky and Luquillo, Puerto Rico. At both locations, high temperature HCl and HF processes are used to etch glass and other lighting components. The process baths are extremely concentrated and operated at
  • MICRO:Industry News:Expansions & Acquisitions (Oct '99)
    towers and exhaust scrubbers. Lab tests and field experience prove that the technology can recycle "a significant portion " of the ultrapure water used by SpeedFam-IPEC's Auriga and Auriga C polishers, according to Lucid. Entegris has finally made its debut following a merger announcement earlier
  • Particulate Scrubbing in Metal Processing (.pdf)
    . Metallic Dust Recovery. a potentially explosive situation as well as providing. Exhaust Volume . 2,000—5,000 ACFM). economic product recovery are just a few of the benefits. of the MTV Venturi. Exhaust Temperature . Ambient. Exhaust Pressure . 10” W.C. Contaminant . Aluminum, Manganese. & others

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